When it comes to giving gifts during the holiday season, we all strive to give something personal and appreciated. Not sure what to give your little swimmer this season? Need gift ideas for swimmers?

Take a look through AquaMobile’s suggestions for some great gift ideas that are perfect for the water-lover in your life. We’re bringing together ideas that are both in store, and DIY. Enjoy!

Gift Idea for Swimmers #1: Beginner’s Snorkeling Set


AquaMobile Christmas Gift Ideas for Swimmers Snorkeling Set


Getting ready to go away on vacation this winter season? Get your little swimmers set up with a beginner’s snorkeling set. These packages usually come with a snorkel, mask, and fins. This set of gear can be used anywhere, from the backyard pool, to a lake by the cottage, and the beach too! So if you are going anywhere there is a body of water, a snorkeling set will provide a lot of fun!


Gift Idea for Swimmers #2: Underwater Headphones and Music Player


AquaMobile Christmas Gift Ideas for Swimmers Waterproof Headphones


AquaMobile Christmas Gift Ideas for Swimmers WaterProof Headphones


Almost everyone at the gym today is wearing headphones and listening to their own pump-up anthem. The same product exists for swimmers! There are many waterproof headphones on the market, but be sure to check whether they are also swimming-approved. Listening to favorite music while swimming is an ideal way to stay motivated and to focus on speed and endurance.

Although Swimbuds headphones are top of the line, they do come at a pricey 70$ for the sport bundle. Check out Underwater Audio or Sony for more products within the niche of underwater music like waterproof iPods, MP3 players, and more!


Gift Idea for Swimmers #3: Swimmer’s Towel & Robe


AquaMobile Christmas Gift Ideas for Swimmers Towel

Hopping out of the pool after a swim might leave you shivering in the breeze. Whoever finds themselves wrapping themselves up in a towel that doesn’t quite cut it would love a super absorbent swimmer’s towel. Although run of the mill towel material is effective for post-shower drying, it is often times damp and cold when used multiple times within a shorter time frame; for example getting in and out of the pool often.

Athletic swimmer towels are extremely absorbent and quickly dry up as well, ensuring that they always feel dry regardless of how many times you are in and out of the water.


AquaMobile Christmas Gift Ideas for Swimmers Towel Robe Parka


Want to step it up a notch? Investing in a full-out swimmer robe or “Parka” is a great idea. These handy robes are great for summer months, as well as their cooler counterparts. Whether you spend time by a pool, a lake, or the ocean, this item is a one-step solution for all.


Gift Idea for Swimmers #4: Waterproof Activity Tracker


AquaMobile Christmas Gift Ideas for Swimmers Activity Tracker


Fitness tracking and health conscious living are all the rage this Christmas season. Give your swimmers a way to monitor their swimming successes while in the water with a water-savvy activity tracker. These trackers can do many things, from counting laps and distance, to assessing stroke efficiency and even suggesting how to fix it – and are fantastic for timing your laps in your customized workout!

This amazing technology offers an exciting gift idea for those of our swimmers who are truly dedicated to their training. What’s more, these trackers are also geared towards training at the gym, jogging, and all other sports. A multi-faceted tool that is truly a practical yet exciting gift! Check out some great tracker options here!


Gift Idea for Swimmers #5: The Gift of Swimming

Buy a Gift Certificate aquamobile free inflatable swan dolphin

Give the gift of a lifelong skill this holiday season through purchasing swimming lessons for your loved ones!

Take a look at AquaMobile’s Christmas Gift Card packages for inspiration, and score some awesome inflatable AquaMobile swag for FREE!


Gift Idea for Swimmers #6: Christmas Coupon Booklet

holiday coupons for kids aquamobile gift ideas

Looking for the perfect gift-making activity for your little swimmers? Look no further! This gift is a triple win as it comes free of charge, gives little swimmers a fun and creative activity to do, as well as some perks for parents! What’s not to love?

These coupons will allow your kids to “cash-in” a coupon whenever they want. Whether it’s putting off a chore for a day, staying up 20 minutes past their bedtime, or just a free high-five, these fun coupons can be used year round!

You will need:

  • Paper
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Crayons or something else to color with
  • Stapler


  1. Print out or cut up paper slips for coupons.
  2. Cut them out or use a marker to draw a border, leaving a little extra space on the left-hand side for staples.
  3. Add in your colors and your coupon deals (if they have not already been typed in beforehand).
  4. Stack the completed coupons together. (Tip: Leave one blank slip at the front for a Terms and Conditions page, such as “Can only redeem 1 coupon per day” or “Mom must approve all redemptions”).
  5. Staple all coupons together on the left-hand side.
  6. Personalize the booklet with To and From on the cover. Ta-daa! Your Coupon booklet is ready!


Gift Idea for Swimmers #7: Towel Poncho


AquaMobile Christmas Gift Ideas for Swimmers DIY Towel Poncho


This simple and cost-effective gift is ideal for little swimmers! Using 1 beach towel, you can create a simple towel poncho that can be used anywhere aquatic. Take a look at the awesome tutorial posted by Ashley on makeit-loveit.com, to find out how you can easily make one of these fantastic ponchos for each one of your little ones!


Do you have any great holiday gift ideas for swimmers this season that you’d like to share? Let us know in the comment section below!