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ADHD: 3 Ways that Swimming Can Help

What is ADHD? Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is one of the most prevalent childhood developmental disorders. In fact, 9.4% of children from ages 2 – 17 have been diagnosed with ADHD and the numbers are increasing. Common symptoms include inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. In other words, you might notice that your child with ADHD has a […]

Car Seat Safety & Installation Tips

Car Seat Installation Tips Which is the safest car seat for my child? The truth is that the best and safest seat is one that is appropriate for your child’s height and weight, fits your vehicle correctly, is installed properly, and is used properly, every time you travel in the car. Certified child safety technician […]

Swim Instructor Spotlight: Michael Burrows

Often characterized as “The Dolphin Tail,” Michael Burrows is a Queensland native and swim instructor for over six years. He was a swimmer growing up and fell into swimming again later in his life – literally! Michael had an accident while sky-diving – he landed in a tree, causing a compound fracture of his left […]

Science Talks: Anxiety – Five Ways How Swimming Can Help

Anxiety is one of the most prevalent psychiatric disorders, affecting about one third of the population worldwide. People often say that exercise is the best medicine — but how does it work? In our Science Talks series, we will be delving into research-based evidence that shows how swimming can improve both your physical and mental […]

Swim Instructor Spotlight: Cheyenne Washburn

Meet one of AquaMobile’s top swim instructors, Cheyenne Washburn. Located in Florida, Cheyenne has been teaching swimming for more than four years. Fun fact: she is not only passionate about swimming – she can also play six different instruments and speak German! I was able to chat with Cheyenne to learn a bit more about […]

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