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Poolside Fashion: Top 3 Swimsuit Trends for 2019

Stay ahead of the curb by checking out what’s new and trending in poolside fashion for the summer of 2019! If you’re feeling your poolside or beach attire is a bit outdated, now’s the time to pick out some new items! One of the most appreciated trends on this list is the swimsuit with sleeves! So […]

Best Fitness Tracker for Swimming

Fitness trackers are a great tool for monitoring and measuring your progress and performance. As wearables continue to become more and more popular, this trend has extended itself to the water. In a market now saturated with trackers of all sorts, you’re probably wondering which is the best fitness tracker for your needs. Hopefully we […]

10 Cute Hairstyles for Swimming

Not a swimming cap kinda gal? That’s fine. While you can’t protect your hair from the harsh chlorine with these hairstyles if you choose to dive underwater – they will keep your hair tangle-free and out of your way! If you’re planning to keep your hair dry and your head above water, try some of […]

12 Cute One-Piece Swimsuits for All Body Types

Every woman has experienced it. Standing half naked in a poorly lit changing room surrounded by mirrors, with all of her insecurities on display to her – from every angle. We are our own worst critics. I’ve had full on melt downs from the frustration of trying on bathing suits specifically. The self deprecating sentiments […]

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