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Becoming a Mobile Swim Instructor: The Ultimate Side Gig

What’s better than spending time in a pool on a hot summer day? Simple, spending those summer days in a pool while getting paid! Being a Mobile Swim Instructor can provide you with the work-life balance and earning potential that you’ve been looking for.   Flexible Schedules As a mobile swim instructor you have the opportunity to work as much or […]

10 Safety Tips For Your Pool

Whether it’s your backyard pool, a family member’s, or the waterfront by your home, there are certain safety concerns that should always be taken into consideration. Let AquaMobile take you through some of the most important Safety Tips when it comes to your family and the water. Safety Tip 1: Never Leave Your Children Alone Near […]

6 Savvy Swimming Tips

One of the best ways to keep active this holiday season is to swim! Amidst the Halloween loot, Thanksgiving dinners, and Christmas get-togethers, our health and fitness levels may begin to dip, but luckily swimming is a family activity that all can enjoy, whether for fitness or recreation. Here are a few must-know Swimming Tips from […]

Veteran’s Day: The Aquatic Chapter

On Veteran’s Day we remember those who fought and continue to fight to protect the freedoms of our country. Among the countless heroes, medals, and stories we have heard, we wanted to take a look at those military heroes who come from an aquatic background. Following the stories of some of North America’s bravest men […]

Should Humans be Swimming with Dolphins?

Swimming with Dolphins has been a popular tourist excursion in the Caribbean for decades. Dolphins are the animal closest to humans in terms of intelligence with the unique ability to pass on traditions through generations. While they are remarkable mammals, federal officials are making the case that we should not be using them for our own entertainment. […]

AquaMobile’s Favorite Hollywood Movies about Swimmers

Whether it’s a heartwarming love story or a laugh out loud comedy, a film centering around an athlete’s favorite sport can inspire any swimmer. We want to share our love for swimming in cinema with our list of movies that showcase the life and challenges of swimmers. Here are AquaMobile’s top 5 best swimming movies […]

3 Rising Swimming Stars to Watch at Tokyo 2020

The 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo will be upon us sooner than you think and swimmers from all over the world are preparing to make their mark after impressive performances at the Rio ’16 Games. We already expect Americans Ryan Lochte and Katie Ledecky to win gold at the next Olympics, but they will surely […]

Top 5 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World

Our planet is an amazing place, filled with beautiful beaches. Some of the best beaches provide breathtaking sunsets and crystal clear water. AquaMobile wants you to get out and see the world with our list of the top 5 beautiful beaches on earth: Barnes Bay, Angulla On the northern tip of the Leeward Islands in […]

The First Person to Swim Across Lake Ontario: Marilyn Bell

Battling one of the Great Lakes is not something an amateur swimmer would dream of attempting. However, swimming across Lake Ontario has been a goal for professional long distance swimmers for many years. Sensational athletes will often tackle this daunting task as a means of raising money for charity, or simply for the challenge. Since 1954, […]

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