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Top 10 Places to Visit Around the World

It’s still winter and you’ve probably been wondering, “what are the top 10 places to visit that isn’t here“. Even though summer is quickly approaching I’m sure most of us are tired of the long and cold winter, right? Are you in need of a vacation but don’t know which places to visit? Whether you’re looking for […]

Veteran’s Day: The Aquatic Chapter

On Veteran’s Day we remember those who fought and continue to fight to protect the freedoms of our country. Among the countless heroes, medals, and stories we have heard, we wanted to take a look at those military heroes who come from an aquatic background. Following the stories of some of North America’s bravest men […]

History of Swimming Pools

The History of Swimming Pools Since ancient times, societies have had a fascination with pools. They were centers for local elites to socialize and make business deals, or simply a way to escape the scorching heat. Modern construction concepts that are used today to build a simple home pool, were considered groundbreaking feats of engineering […]

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