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Private Swim Lessons in Your Home Pool

Benefits of Private Swim Lessons

We’ve all been there. Your child is at a group swim lesson and you feel like they’re not getting the most out of it. They’re not progressing as quickly or not getting enough attention while they’re in the water. Some of these issues are discouraging for parents and children alike. Private swim lessons can solve those […]

10 Safety Tips For Your Pool

Whether it’s your backyard pool, a family member’s, or the waterfront by your home, there are certain safety concerns that should always be taken into consideration. Let AquaMobile take you through some of the most important Safety Tips when it comes to your family and the water. Safety Tip 1: Never Leave Your Children Alone Near […]

6 Savvy Swimming Tips

One of the best ways to keep active this holiday season is to swim! Amidst the Halloween loot, Thanksgiving dinners, and Christmas get-togethers, our health and fitness levels may begin to dip, but luckily swimming is a family activity that all can enjoy, whether for fitness or recreation. Here are a few must-know Swimming Tips from […]

Winter is Coming: Winterize Your Pool

How to Winterize your pool

  As the days get shorter and we find ourselves pulling out the scarves and mittens for cooler mornings, it may be easy to forget about our backyard pools. Those of us that experience colder temperatures during the winter should always take care to maintain our pools effectively and safely in order to ensure the […]

3 Tips When Swimming with Sharks

If you love an adrenaline rush, then swimming with sharks needs to be on your bucket list. While this is an activity for the brave of heart, there are some things you should keep in mind to stay safe while being circled by one of the most majestic creatures on earth. Here are three things you should do before swimming with […]

Private Swim Lessons vs Group Swim Lessons

AquaMobile provides at-home private swim lessons for children and adults of all ages! Whether you are seeking lessons for your baby, for beginner swimmers, or for advanced swimming skills, AquaMobile provides lessons to meet your needs and personal goals. Benefits of Private Swim Lessons 1 Convenience for You AquaMobile lessons in your home pool saves you […]

Is It Safe to Swim After Surgery?

While recovery time from surgery varies for everyone, doctors generally recommend waiting to swim after surgery. Just how long you should wait before jumping back in depends on what type of surgery you have undergone. Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise because it is a low impact, high intensity workout that puts limited […]

What is Cupping Therapy?

You may have noticed swimmers at the Rio Olympics with scary large red circles on their skin, including one of the greatest Olympians of all-time, Michael Phelps. The red circles are caused by cupping therapy, which is considered a pseudo-scientific treatment that dates back two millennia. Cupping is well documented in Greek and Egyptian medical practices as a way […]

Swimmer’s Body vs. Runner’s Body

Our bodies crave exercise and the way we look depends on how much of it we get. We choose our workouts based on what is fun and depending on our strengths.  A side-by-side comparison of any two exercises would show contrasts in muscles activated, heart rate levels, and muscle mass as well as other factors. To understanding the core […]

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