My name is Adam. I’m a 32 year old father of three and a step father to one. I began swimming at a very early age. We grew up around a lake in Northern California, and it was important to my parents that we knew how to swim. I began my lessons in a private pool, much like the program that AquaMobile provides. To this day I still remember my first swim instructor vividly. When I reached a point that private lessons were not providing the progressive training my siblings and I required, my parents enrolled us in the city swim team. That’s when my competitive swimming began. Growing up around a pool and competing I developed a live for swimming. I continued to swim through high school wining various awards. My dominant strokes were always freestyle (crawl) and breast stroke, however I would compete in all strokes. Excelling in the 200 IM relay I managed to compete in the state finals. During high school it took a lifeguard course and began lifeguarding. From there I became a water safety instructor and began teaching children how to swim. By the time I left for college I was one of the managers for the city pools. After leaving for college I stopped swimming competitively but continued to swim for excersize. During college I became a firefighter and then a paramedic. Today I am currently a full time firefighter/paramedic. I was trained in water rescue, both swift water and standing water. I did continue to teach swimming after starting my career. I have taught my four children, who range in age from 3 to ten, to be proficient swimmers as well as co-workers kids. I still assist fellow coworkers in stroke development. Today, after suffering an injury at work, swimming is my primary form of exercise to reduce load injury. I love working with children of all ages and promote water safety in everyway. Drowning prevention starts with awareness and education. Working as a firefighter allows me to promote awareness. Teaching young ones to swim is another way I hope to stop a drowning. Much like my parents taught me to save my life in the water if I needed, I can teach your children too.


Arizona Certified Paramedic, National Registered Paramedic, Firefighter, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support, CPR – ASHI, CPR – American Heart Association, WSI trained, Advanced water rescue training.


I excelled in freestyle (crawl) stroke in high school. I do well with kids from toddler ages to adults. I’ve always been able to make learning to swim a fun game oriented activity for kids and pride myself on making sure they are comfortable before moving forward to keep confidence at a high.