My name is Christie and I am currently at CSU San Marcos pursuing my Masters degree in Experimental Psychology. I was born into a family of swimmers. My parents, both coaches in their earlier years, introduced me to the water at a young age, and fostered both my love for swimming and skill development by creating a fun, safe and encouraging atmosphere. While I enjoyed competitive swimming, I was most interested in playing and showing off in the water. Swimming out to the dock at the local lake, touching the bottom of the deep end, and getting to jump off the high dive with my older cousins were some of my main sources of pride. Tapping into this, my parents were able to teach me many skills. I believe that identifying what motivates individual swimmers and developing a curriculum that is enjoyable, and speaks to this motivation, is the best way to teach swimming. Regarding my professional experience, I have been instructing for the past ten years. I have worked with the YMCA of Greater Seattle, Denver Parks and Recreation, Denver Public Schools, and King County Parks and Recreation. My responsibilities included not only teaching lessons, but evaluating and developing swim programs and training incoming swim instructors. I am looking forward to working with the AquaMobile team and hopefully you!


I have received Red Cross Water Safety Instructor training, which emphasizes water skill development and teaching practices. I have 4 years experience coaching pre-competitive swimmers. I have ten years experience teaching private and group lessons for students age 3-14. I have 5 years experience teaching private lessons to students with various developmental and physical delays or specialized needs. I have 3 years experience leading parent-tot lessons.


Working with young children who are generally fearful of swimming. Working with children with specialized needs. Working with beginners. Working with pre-competitive swimmers.