I am a college graduate having received my Bachelor’s degree from SVA. I have worked as a swim instructor during the summers since 2007. I previously taught lessons at Crestwood Country Day Camp and Saf-T-Swim. I am comfortable working with all levels of swimmers from beginners to advanced competitive swimmers (all ages as well). I was a competitive swimmer myself for 10 years, so I have advanced abilities in butterfly, breaststroke, backstroke, freestyle, (and flip turns for both!). Additionally, I have worked as a certified lifeguard since 2007.


Varsity Swim Team Captain
Swim Instructor/Lifeguard at Crestwood Country Day Camp
Swim Instructor at Saf-T-Swim
CPR/First Aid


Breaststroke, Butterfly, Freestyle, Backstroke, Freestyle Flip Turn, Backstroke Flip Turn, Diving, Race Starts, Front Float, Back Float, Arms, Elementary Backstroke, Scissor Kick, Dolphin Kick, Flutter Kick