I was a competitive swimmer for 15 years. I qualified for the olympics and lost career as a competitive swimmer due to an injury. I have been a triathlete, swim coach, lifeguard, swim instructor for ALL ages.

The secret to swimming, is to trust yourself and to trust the water. your body is made of 80% water. Its meant to be in a body of water. we are meant to float and be agile without the weight of the world on us.

I have a decade of experience.  I feel comfortable teaching newborns to hold their breath all the way up to professional athletes tweaking their stroke to perfection. I have the patience of a goddess! I use various floating toys, noodles, kickboards, pull bouy, sinking objects, goggles etc. for enhanced teaching strategies.

I am currently a body builder. I know the limits a body can be pushed to. I also have compassion and know special ways to overcome fears (water, deep end,drowning,suffocating,dark etc.)

I have a large pool at my house with a deep end. I can teach an individual including dogs how to tread water, swim laps hold their breath, blow bubbles from their nose etc. My pool starts at 3 inches and goes to 10 feet. If you don’t have a pool i am always willing to use mine if it will save lives or bring a new hobby to someone life. I have swim outs ( ledges) every 4 feet around the perimeter of the pool for for those who need to take a rest or feel uncomfortable.
I have 2 dogs I taught to swim and built their endurance.


CPR/Lifeguard/First Aid certified for 12 years (current)
Swim coach/Masters Coach
NPC Competitor


Teaching basics of water safety and how to save your own life
Perfecting Any stroke
Building endurance for swimmers
Teaching people the fundamentals to swim and giving them tools of how to overcome water fears.
Teaching dogs to swim,build endurance, not be afraid of water, tread water.