Patrick G swim instructor


My name is Patrick Gonzales and I am a 23 year old graduate from California State University with a Bachelors degree in Kinesiology. I started teaching swim lessons at the public pool in my hometown at age 16 to all ages and levels. I was the most requested teacher each session and eventually was promoted to manager as well as coach for the recreational swim team, all while teaching lessons both at work and privately. I taught in and around my hometown for about 3 years before moving to Fullerton to start my college career. While in college, I was employed by the Fullerton Aquatics Sports Team. There I gained another 3 years experience with them, again teaching all ages and levels. Aside from my 6+ years of swim lessons and team coaching experience, I have also been a volunteer coach for recreational basketball, flag football and soccer. Within these community volunteers positions I have about another 2-3 years experience working with children and their parents.


I was a competitive swimmer for about 13 years of my life. I swam recreationally, high school and for year round competitive swim teams, and have been to sectional championships multiple times. I am a college graduate and have over 6 years combined experience teaching water safety and learn-to-swim programs. I have also gained experience as a lifeguard and manager at public pools, and have dealt with high stress and emergency situations including personally performing CPR on an unconscious adult.


– Great with young children – High level of experience with competitive swimming – 4+ years experience with any age – 2+ years experience with autism