Hi there! I began teaching swim lessons in high school at my local YMCA and was also a certified lifeguard, camp counselor, and babysitter into my college years. I competitively swam from the age of eight and earned my varsity letter in swimming. Now as an adult with a lot of life experience, I’m getting back into swim instruction, in addition to my part-time work as a medical artist. Most of my friends have kids, and I love spending time with them, in and out of the water. I’m a kind-hearted, fun, and gentle but firm instructor. I look forward to working with you!


CPR (Adult/Child/Infant), Basic First Aid, three years of lifeguarding and swim instruction experience, six years as a camp counselor, nine years of competitive swimming, and over two decades of babysitting experience!! I also taught a friend of mine competitive strokes as an adult, and he’s gone on to participate (and win races!) as a master’s swimmer for more than 10 years.


Getting scared kids comfortable with the water, stroke development and technique (all strokes), competitive swim instruction (flip-turns, bilateral breathing, block diving, etc.), having fun!