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AquaMobile offers kids private swim lessons in your own home or condo pool

The AquaMobile Kids swim lesson program allows students to develop their swimming skills and techniques to learn to swim in their own home pool. These programs are taught by AquaMobile’s certified, experienced and insured private swim instructors.

All of our private swimming lessons for kids are taught in the comfort of your own home or condo pool by a certified swim instructor. AquaMobile’a private kids swim lessons allow for a customized swim lesson plan that is catered to each child’s individual needs.

AquaMobile Kids Private Swim Lessons

At AquaMobile Swim School, we’ve designed a learn-to-swim program that challenges each student to reach his or her full potential. The AquaMobile Kids swimming lesson program covers the full range of learn-to-swim and water safety skills as well as other skills and techniques not covered in other swim programs including dolphin kick, butterfly stroke and flip turns.

Our swim program is suitable whether your child’s goals involve developing basic swim skills or pursuing swim team and swim instructing / lifeguarding in the future. For first time participants, your AquaMobile private swim instructor will conduct an assessment during the first swim lesson to determine the child’s current swim level. To commemorate the completion of each AquaMobile Kids swim level, each student receives a report card and is awarded an AquaMobile bracelet.

Below is a partial list of swim skills taught in each AquaMobile swim level.

AquaMobile 1
Enter & exit shallow water Rhythmic breathing Front & Back floats Roll-over floats & glides (assisted) Retrieve objects Front & back glide Front & back glide with kick Flutter kick drill How to recognize an emergency ID basic pool rules
AquaMobile 2
Jump in deep water Rhythmic breathing Jellyfish float Tuck float Tread water Change direction Front & back glide with kick Side glide with kick Whip kick in seated position Basic front crawl Basic back stroke Practice with rescue aids
AquaMobile 3
Sitting Dive Kneeling dive Sculling on back Back float in deep water Front somersault Swim underwater Front & Back crawl progressions Dolphin kick w/ aid Whip kick w/ aid Distance swim (50m) HELP & huddle position safe diving rules
AquaMobile 4
Standing dive Foot first dive Tread water w/ eggbeater Deep water rhythmic breathing Frontstroke Backstroke Elementary backstroke Side stroke Dolphin kick on back Breastroke arms w/ breathing Distance swim (100m) Care for choking victim
AquaMobile 5
Shallow dive in deep water Foot first sculling Flip turns Technique refinements and endurance of all main strokes Breaststroke Butterfly Sprints Endurance swim (200m) Swim while clothed Rescue breathing (adult)
AquaMobile 6
Surface dive & retrieve object Tread water holding weight above water (30 sec.) Legs only treading water (3min.) Continued technique refinements and endurance of all main strokes Breaststroke & butterfly turns Head up front stroke Head up breast stroke Sprints Distance swim (300m) Swim while holding object Rescue breathing (infant & child)

Red Cross Swim Lessons

This 10 level private swim lesson program for children and teens replaces and builds upon the old AquaQuest swim program. It is designed for children ages 6 years and older. Red Cross Swim Kids, taught by AquaMobile swim instructors, introduces swimming skills and water safety skills in a progressive manner by starting with basic breathing and movements in the water, until stroke proficiency is attained as well as a variety of important water safety and first aid skills.

Lifesaving Society Swim Lessons

As an alternative to the Red Cross Swim Program, AquaMobile also offers the six-level Swimmer Program from the Lifesaving Society for private kids swimming lessons. Progressions accommodate children aged 5-12 year-olds including beginners and swimmers who want to build on the basics. These private swimming lessons for kids include lots of in-water practice to develop solid swimming skills and strokes, as well as Water Smart education as part of every level.

Stroke Improvement and Endurance

These private swim lessons are designed for kids and teens who want to improve their technique to achieve a more efficient stroke. AquaMobile swim instructors will evaluate each student’s strokes and identify problem areas to correct them accordingly. These private swim lessons will also focus on building endurance, enabling students to swim for a longer period of time before fatiguing. This swim program is suitable for kids, teens and adults.

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