child having a private swimming lesson at home

Swimming is among the healthiest activities for everyone. It’s also an important life skill to develop to keep you safe around water. If your children are ready to learn to swim, but you don’t want the hassle of organizing your life around fixed lesson times, you should consider booking private swimming lessons at home. 

Some companies offer private swimming lessons in public pools. Others, like AquaMobile, provide lessons in your backyard or condo pool for ultimate convenience. If you’re still trying to decide whether private at-home swim lessons are worth the investment, let’s explore some of the many advantages they offer to help you decide.

1. Students Recieve Undivided Attention

With group lessons in public pools, the instructor’s attention is split between 10-15 children on average. As a result, many children struggle to develop basic swimming skills. This can leave them discouraged and not wanting to continue the sport. 

Developing water confidence is a huge part of learning to swim. If children aren’t given the attention they need to thrive in this unfamiliar environment, it can take them longer to become comfortable in the water. 

However, with private at-home swim lessons, the instructor can give one child their full and undivided attention. Children learning to swim in a one-to-one environment, on average, need fewer lessons to develop key skills than those learning in larger groups. This is because instructors can work individually on the specific skills the student needs to develop. If they have specific problem areas that need adjustment, the teacher can spend more time fixing these issues before they become engrained in the swimmer. 

2. Customized Lesson Plans Let Swimmers Learn at Their Pace

Private swimming lessons at home are beneficial for your child because the instructor can create a customized lesson plan to suit their skill level. Every child has a different learning style and swimming ability. Some need more time on one skill than others, but in group environments, they could be held back or rushed through skills depending on other lesson participants. 

Moreover, every kid has a different swimming goal. Some study to participate in races, and others do it for health reasons. The instructor can tailor the plan around your child’s needs to ensure the goal is achieved. 

3. Familiar Learning Environments Have Been Shown to Improve Skill Retention

It’s difficult for a child to get accustomed to a new environment, especially when the experience is also new. A child might feel discouraged or embarrassed to swim for the first time in the presence of other kids. But, at-home swim lessons let them learn in an environment they’re already comfortable with, giving them a headstart as they approach this new skill. 

The student can clean up at home right after the lessons, and they can change into their swimming suits in their own bedroom without feeling awkward or uncomfortable. 

Private swimming lessons at home give a child the comfort and safety they need to be more confident. It’s easier to learn something in a familiar atmosphere, even for adults. Therefore, your child might prefer to take swimming lessons at home and need less of them as a result! 

4. At-Home Swim Lessons Are Time Efficient

As a parent, you often spend hours each week driving your children to and from school and extracurricular activities. It’s time intensive and often means you have to wait around for them to finish. But with private at-home swim lessons, instructors come to you, so there’s no more commuting to the community pool.

If your child can get straight home from school and participate in the swimming lessons there, not only will you save time, but your kid will be able to relax as well. Moving around all day might be stressful and overwhelming for children. By hiring a private instructor for swimming lessons, you and your child will have a lot of free time on your hands.

Therefore, as a parent, it might be more convenient to consider hiring a private instructor for your child. You will be able to save a lot of time, make sure that your kid is safe and healthy, and give them comfort. If you live in a condo or rental unit with access to a shared pool, ask your property manager if you can have private instructors teach lessons there. In most cases, the answer is yes, but it’s always best to double-check!