FAQs - AquaMobile At Home Private Swim Lessons

Our answers to some common questions about optimizing your learn to swim experience

Q: How frequently should I book private swim lessons for my children?
A: Most students will progress at a faster rate with a higher number of lessons per week. This would ideally place intensity at two to three lessons a week. However, one lesson a week is by no means detrimental to a student’s progress, merely resulting in a slower rate of improvement. For optimal conditions, a routine should be established. Keeping your child’s lesson time and day consistent will help them remember and effectively perform the skills they have learned from previous lessons.

Q: How many private swim lessons should I book for my children?
A: Approximately 10-12 private lessons a week is the recommended number of private swim lessons to book for a child. Visible improvements are achieved through consistency, progressive learning, and building on skills that had been learned in previous lessons. With fewer than 8 swim lessons you run the risk of cutting the learning progression short thereby causing regression of skills learned in the long run.

Q: Can I book a trial private swim lesson?
A:  Trial swim lessons are not an ideal indicator of the progress that will be made throughout a series of private swim lessons. Therefore Aquamobile chooses to provide bundles of lessons to choose from. As it can take 2-3 swim lessons for the visible progress and connection between student and teacher to be made, it is important to maintain consistency and continuity once lessons have begun. If for whatever reason things are not working out with your AquaMobile private swim lessons or your swim instructor, we will do our best to find you another swim instructor or refund your money.

Q: What is the right age for my child to start swimming lessons?
A: Children can start learning to swim as early as 6 months old. Between the ages of 6-18 months, your child would benefit from developing comfort in and around the water environment with the assistance of a parent. By 18 months they may begin to work independently in the water with and instructor. Progress is dependent on the age and strength of the child.

Q: How long will it take for my child to learn how to swim?
A: Every student regardless of age progresses at a different rate. In order to gain a better understanding of your child’s strengths and challenges in the water, as well as how long it may take to reach certain goals, you should speak to your AquaMobile swim instructor after their first few lessons with your child. Upon evaluating your child’s initial skills, your instructor will be able to make a professional assessment for you and be able to explain any further inquiries.

Q: How soon in advance should I book my AquaMobile private swim lessons?
A: Book your lessons as soon as possible as times tend to fill up quickly once registration opens. Keep in mind our peak seasons from June through August, as this is a particularly busy time. AquaMobile swim lessons are available year-round, but availability may be limited in some areas.

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