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Infant Swim Lessons in Lara

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Want your little swimmer to get a head start when it comes to pool play time? AquaMobile Swim School has helped thousands of babies, infants, toddlers, and adults all over North America & Australia learn life-saving water safety skills through our infant swim lessons and toddler swim lessons. By pairing your baby with a seasoned swimming teacher in Lara, your child will learn to conquer any discomfort right in your own pool.

Taking the plunge with infant swim lessons doesn't have to be scary for your little one. At AquaMobile Swim School, we believe that personalized private swim lesson programs are the best solution for you and your infant. Our mission at AquaMobile is simple: we want to help your child become happier, healthier, and water safe above all else.

Learning to swim isn't simply a matter of "sink or swim." Our swim programs and teaching models have helped many infants and babies learn water safety basics, which has helped us earn the trust of clients across North America & Australia, including Lara. AquaMobile Swim School is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Red Cross, Lifesaving Society, National Drowning Prevention Alliance, and United States Swim School Association.

After helping thousands of kiddies in Lara graduate from the wading pool to the deep end, people have started to take notice! We're proud of the fact that AquaMobile is an award-winning swim school — and the list of honours just keeps growing! We've received numerous honours, including the Empact Showcase at the United Nations, the Emerging Entrepreneur Award 2014 and Small Business Challenge Winner in 2015. We've also been featured in publications such as Forbes, Inc, Huffington Post and many more!

Our Private Swim Lesson Options:

Infant Swim Lessons

We're as flexible as those pool noodles your child loves! AquaMobile offers infant swim lessons in Lara that are convenient and meet the specific needs of you and your baby or toddler.

There's no easier way to learn how to swim than with your very own AquaMobile Swim Teacher. Infant swimming classes are taught on a one-on-one basis, providing your toddler or baby with undivided attention (which helps keep their short attention spans in check as well!).

To better serve our clients in Lara, we also offer swim lessons in a group setting. Grab a few of your neighbours for a private group lesson at your home, condo or homeowner's association (HOA) pool. Learning can be extra fun when your child is building skills while bonding with their best mates!

The best part is that our seasoned AquaMobile Swim Teachers in Lara bring their expertise right to your doorstep. Private swimming lessons taught in a comfortable environment facilitates the learning process and also saves your valuable time. 

While swim lessons for beginners are an educational experience, our programs definitely aren't dry (pun intended). At AquaMobile, we understand that not everyone can swim like a fish without any help. So our approach to at-home infant swim lessons in Lara is to keep them as effective, engaging, and fun as possible. Our AquaMobile Swim Teachers incorporate games and songs into our infant and toddler swim lessons, which helps ease wary children into the water and builds skill retention.

So how do we keep your children engaged? We've organized our AquaMobile infant swim lessons in Lara into a handful of easy-to-understand steps that focus on the swimming fundamentals.

In our infant swimming classes in Lara, some of the skills we teach babies, infants and toddlers include:

  •         How to enter and exit the pool
  •         Learning how to hold your breath
  •         How to blow bubbles
  •         How to recognize an emergency and how to call for help
  •         Treading water
  •         Fundamentals on how to kick and move your arms
  •         How to swim both assisted and unassisted

Mum and Baby Swim Lessons in Lara

Mum, Dad or a carer don't have to simply sit on the sidelines as their infants splash around. Join in on the fun with a mum and me swim lesson in Lara! Your baby will feel far more comfortable with a familiar face by their side in the swimming pool. At parent and toddler lessons, you'll also see firsthand how your child progresses and builds their swimming skill sets — not to mention participating parents and carers can help identify areas for improvement to work on later. These joint mum and me lessons also serve as an incredible bonding experience. Grow closer to your child as they learn a valuable life skill. You and your baby will cherish your time together while creating new memorable moments without leaving the comfort of your own home for your Parent & Baby Swim Lessons.

Giving Your Child the Best Swim Lessons Possible!

Our students are the best — which is why we work hard to find and hire the best swim teachers in Lara. All our private swimming teachers at AquaMobile Swim School in Lara are carefully selected based on their experience and are fully insured. We ensure that all of our Swim Teachers are highly trained with at least three years of previous experience in addition to their CPR/First Aid and Lifeguard certifications. Prior to joining AquaMobile Swim School, each private Swim Teacher undergoes a thorough background check and interview process. We work hard to make sure that each AquaMobile Private Swim Teacher in Lara is friendly, professional, and reliable, so you can feel at ease as they work with your infant. 

Curious about our highly qualified Swim Teachers? Read up on some of their bios.

Why Water Safety Is Important

Learning how to swim in Lara is about more than backstrokes and blowing bubbles. It's an invaluable life skill for infants — and a great way to have some fun! Instilling fundamental swimming skills is extremely important for babies and toddlers in particular. We've gathered a few important facts about water safety that underscore its importance:

  • Drowning is the third-leading cause of unintentional death worldwide, accounting for 7% of all injury-related deaths.
  • There are an estimated 372,000 annual drowning deaths worldwide.
  • Global estimates may significantly underestimate the actual public health problem related to drowning.
  • Children, males and individuals with increased access to water are most at risk of drowning. World Health Organization (WHO), 2014

Water safety is an important matter in any home, especially if you have a toddler or a young child. Swimming pools are fun to play in, but they can also be deadly. Instances of child drownings are a leading cause of death for children 14 and under. According to the Red Cross, more than 1 in 5 water fatalities is a child aged 1 to 4.

Here at AquaMobile, we hold your child’s water safety in high regard. Here are AquaMobile Swim School’s drowning prevention tips for parents and carers to ensure your children stay safe in and around your home swimming pool in Lara.

Ten Ways To Promote Water Safety and Prevent Your Child From Drowning in Lara

1. Actively supervise your child while they swim.

Always watch your infant or toddler closely when they swim in the water! There is no substitute for active parent or guardian supervision. Make sure one adult is completely focused on watching all children in the pool at all times. It’s not enough to have 20 distracted adults talking to each other around the pool – one must be actively supervising the children in case of emergency. In 69% of drownings, the child was being supervised by one or both of the parents.

2. Know CPR and First-Aid.

Although this may seem like an obvious step, many people, even experienced swimmers, underestimate the need for knowledge of CPR and First Aid. Be sure you are up to date on your First Aid knowledge and certifications so you can take charge in case an emergency situation arises. Effective CPR can double a child’s chances of survival. Due to popular demand, AquaMobile offers water safety and first aid courses in addition to our regular at home private swimming lessons in Lara.

3. Make sure the supervising adult knows how to swim.

The supervising adult should know how to swim and know basic CPR and First-Aid Training in case of a swimming emergency. During the time it takes for the ambulance to arrive, CPR training could save a life.

4. Make sure your children know how to swim.

"Children aged 1-4 with formal swimming lessons have up to 88% less of a chance of drowning. Children can learn how to swim from a very young age. However, they will still need to be supervised by an adult at all times to ensure water safety. After formal swimming lessons, consider signing your little one up for Surf lifesaving programs, where they can learn valuable skills about water safety when it comes to beaches, tides, and more! "

5. Fence in your pool.

With an adequately installed fence, you can make sure children don’t wander into your pool unsupervised. For some regions, the law requires you to install a fence around your pool. If not, you should still surround your pool with a fence at least 1.2 metres (four feet) tall to help keep kids from accessing an unsupervised pool area. Install gates with latches that are beyond a child’s reach and use a padlock in conjunction with the latch. Don’t use chain-link fences as those are easy for children to climb.

6. Keep your pool well equipped with safety equipment

Ensure that you have a First Aid kit, safety ring, rope, and phone near your pool. Make sure the babysitters you hire know about the regulations regarding your swimming pool in Lara. Having the right equipment at your pool means that it’s well-equipped to deal with any accidents.

7. Beware of drains.

Watch the drains in your pool and hot tub – body parts and hair can get trapped in the suction, resulting in fatal consequences like your child drowning. Put in drain covers when the pool is not being used, and consider installing multiple drains to reduce suction. Make sure your children don’t play near the hot tub suction!

8. Clean up toys when not in use.

"It’s fun to play games in the swimming pool, but be sure to clean up! When you’re done with toys, get them out of the pool. A child might fall in the water while trying to retrieve their favorite toy. "

9. Never let your child swim alone.

Make sure your child is not swimming alone so that there’s always someone for them to go to in case of trouble! Regardless of age, your children should be using the buddy system.

10. Make sure your children don’t engage in horseplay in the pool.

This is a key swimming rule you should teach your child. In the water, make sure your children don’t push or jump on any other children – it’s unsafe swimming practice and can result in an accident.

How to Choose A Private Swim Teacher in Lara


Little ones learn better when they have the right teacher. A friendly face can really motivate a struggling swimmer during their first term in the pool. That's why we believe in allowing our customers to choose their Swim Teachers for their baby swim lessons. We're the only at-home infant swim lesson provider in North America and Australia that allows you to choose your own private Swim Teacher. "

All of our Swim Teachers in Lara are warm, friendly, and highly qualified. If you have trouble picking the perfect one, our AquaMobile customer service team is more than happy to help you! We can offer multiple recommendations based on your child and their needs. Each member of our customer service team is either a current or former Swim Teacher, so they can make an informed and experienced decision for you.

Our private infant swim lessons in Lara are conducted in small class sizes, which allows our Swim Teachers to provide your child with their undivided attention. Our private infant swim lessons allow for a customized lesson plan that is catered to your infant’s needs and learning rate. We take pool safety and having fun seriously, which is why our program starts with an engaging lesson in water safety and tutoring on proper pool etiquette.

Click here to learn more about our experienced swimming teachers.

Fun Swim Lessons For Toddlers and Babies

Swimming lessons in Lara for young ones shouldn't feel like a chore. At AquaMobile Swim School, we're committed to making swimming fun for your little ones.

Learning to swim is a repetitive process, particularly for infants and toddlers. It requires a lot of discipline and willpower to commit to the same swimming lessons day in and day out. Young children often thrive in environments with clear expectations, and can really get into swimming when they know exactly what they should be doing. Still, it’s always good to include water sports, swimming aids, and other training tools to increase the variety and fun of swimming lessons!

We at AquaMobile have compiled 5 Ways to Make Swimming Lessons for Kids Fun.

  1. Use combinations of swimming aids such as fins, pullbuoys or snorkels. Different aids help swimmers to target train, and focus on specific techniques. The addition of swim aids is novel and interesting, and is a fun addition to regular swimming drills.
  2. Have a diverse range of sets and drills to alternate between. This helps to give young swimmers in Lara a variety of training exercises to do in the water and keeps their practice time from being overly monotonous while they are still adjusting.
  3. Include land drills into practice times. Allowing infants and toddlers to exercise on dry land before or after working in the water offers a change of environment, and a chance to work on different and alternative exercises that impact performance in the water.
  4. Brainstorm target goals together with students. By giving each kid a strong sense of ownership over their own swimming training, you increase motivation and encourage a sense of responsibility and pride in training exercises.
  5. Play interactive water sports such as water polo for kids or sign up for Nippers Clubs & Surf Lifesaving. These activities are physically rigorous, but are light-hearted activities, and is another way to take a short but pertinent break from more intensive, solo training regimes in Lara.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

How long will it take for my child to swim?

A: Every infant, baby and toddler is different — that means each child will progress at a different rate. We tailor our infant swimming lessons for each student, depending on their skills. By booking one of our AquaMobile Swim Teachers, we'll be able to get a better grasp on the skill level of the student. Some common factors that slow down your child’s learn-to-swim progress are explained in our blog post here.

How frequently should I book private swim lessons for my children?

A: Most students in Lara tend to progress faster with 2-3 lessons per week. Once a week swim lessons are not ideal because children tend to forget too much in between their private swim lessons. Intensive programs of everyday swimming lessons are also effective and work best for families who vacation or have busy schedules. Research has shown that skills are better acquired with regular intensive practice rather than intermittent practice. With our experience over the past 11 years, we agree!

Can I book a trial at home swim lesson in Lara?

A: Trial swim lessons are not a good indicator of the progress that will be made throughout a series of 8 or more private swim lessons. The first swim lesson often establishes comfort level, as this is where the bonding and rapport between student and Swim Teacher begins to form. It can take 2-3 swim lessons to build that connection and trust between teacher and student, and to see visible progress. We do have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee —  if you aren't satisfied after your lesson, we'll set you up with another teacher free of charge.  If that does not remedy the problem, we're happy to provide a full refund.

How far in advance should I book my AquaMobile private swim lessons?

A:A: As soon as possible. Times tend to fill up quickly, especially for times during the second half of November through March. There is more availability in September and the first half of October. AquaMobile swim lessons are also available year round, but availability may be more limited in some areas. See more frequently asked questions (FAQ) here.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back!

We make scheduling your toddler's infant swim lessons as easy as clicking a button. AquaMobile Swim School guarantees you'll get the best infant swim lesson experience in Lara. If for any reason you aren't satisfied with our service after your first lesson, let us know and we'll provide you with a full refund or set you up with another swimming teacher, with your first infant swim lesson completely free of charge! With thousands of satisfied swimmers across North America & Australia, we're confident AquaMobile's swim lessons and teachers can help your little one gain the skills they need to feel comfortable in their local pool. To hear what other parents have to say about our private infant swim lessons, click here to read up on our testimonials.



Aquamobile Swim Teachers travel to you in Lara, which means no more driving from lesson to lesson; you will save time, save on petrol and enjoy the convenience of lessons in your own home or community pool in Lara.


You choose the infant swim lesson times that will work around your busy family schedule and book multiple students infant swim lessons back to back.


Our home swim lessons in Lara enable infant swimmers to learn water safety skills and how to escape danger in their own pool. Our teachers in Lara focus on water safety and teaching a child how to turn around and swim back to the wall after a fall into the water.


Our company has a rigorous screening and qualification process which includes certifications in CPR/First Aid, Water Safety Instruction, background checks and experience working with children.


If you’re not completely satisfied after the first lesson, we offer a full 100% money-back guarantee and will either refund your entire lesson purchase or re-start your lesson package with another teacher at your home in Lara!


"Our private swim lessons in Lara are customized to meet your little one’s needs and teachers use a gentle and encouraging approach which enables students to overcome any fear of the water and progress quickly. "

Next Steps After AquaMobile Infant Swim Lessons

Once your little swimmer has built a strong foundation of swim and water safety skills through AquaMobile’s Private Infant Swim Lesson Program in Lara, there are a number of options to continue developing and maintaining those important skills.

AquaMobile’s Favorite Swim-time Toys in Lara

In the earliest stages of swimming lessons, little swimmers benefit from swim toys and objects that catch their attention and stimulate the senses. While taking Private Swim lessons with AquaMobile in Lara, you can use your favorite toys to engage tots even more! Find the best sinking toys and brightest floating shapes at these toy stores in Lara: Mega Toys and Tates ToyWorld & Hobby Store.

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