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Agata Krochmal

Agata Krochmal

Business Development Manager

Agata has had a love for sports since she could walk. Whether it’s soccer, volleyball, or swimming, if it gets her moving, Agata is a fan! She strongly believes in the importance of sports and their positive effects on a child’s development.

Agata started at AquaMobile as a recruiter and immediately fell in love with the start-up environment. Since then she has worked her way up to a manager position and through that time gained vast experience in online marketing, data analysis and business management. Agata believes that with the easy access we have to knowledge today, you can achieve anything by hard work and the right mindset. She earned her Master’s in Economy of Enterprises in 2014 and works with both the HR and Marketing teams at AquaMobile. Agata is a huge fan of logic and she never misses the opportunity to learn something new.

In addition to being so well-rounded both professionally and athletically, Agata loves playing volleyball and the guitar, has great computer sciences skills, and is a talented photographer.

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