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Private Swim Lessons in Your Home Pool

AquaMobile Home Swim Lessons

One of the most important things parents should think about for their little ones is swim lessons. Safety around our pools and lakes, and the ability to enjoy our time around the water worry-free is HUGE! Enter AquaMobile Swim School, an award-winning swim school that offers private at-home swim instruction.

AquaMobile began in 2003 when Founder Diana Goodwin was frustrated by the lack of attention she was able to give her students in large, community centre swim classes that she taught. Since 2003, AquaMobile Swim School has taught thousands of students how to swim as well as valuable lifesaving skills utilizing their proprietary AquaMobile Learn to Swim Program.

Name the time and place

Whether you have your own, borrow a neighbor’s or a relative’s or live in a condo complex that has a pool, you can arrange lessons when they’re convenient for you. All instructors are certified, insured and have at least 3 years of experience teaching in the aquatics field so you know you’re getting the cream of the crop.

Parents can read each AquaMobile instructor’s bio and review their most up-to-date availability and schedule an appointment online. You can also simply reschedule online if something comes up or a kiddo is sick. The learn-to-swim program is customized for swimmers of all ages, abilities and learning styles.

Available programs

Pricing packages

AquaMobile offers packages of lessons… book as many or as few lessons as you want!

40 minute lessons (for 1 student under age 4)

25+ lessons – $49 each

10-24 lessons – $53 each

1-9 lessons – $57 each

Share a class and split the cost!

AquaMobile lesson time can be shared to split the cost. There are no extra fees if you decide to share the lesson time with siblings, friends or other family members.

1 Hour or longer lessons (time/cost can be split among up to 6 students)

25+ lessons – $65/hour

10-24 lessons – $70/hour

1-9 lessons – $75/hour

*A one-time $25 annual registration fee applies per family/group

Written by: Jennifer Solomon

Originally posted June 28, 2017 on

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