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Subhas S swim lesson testimonials
Subhas S.
Toronto, ON

I am very happy with Nicola. She is very professional and patient and I am making slow but steady progress.

Teena I swim lesson testimonials
Teena I.
Miami, FL

From the first lesson Sara had a wonderful connection and rapport with Ruby. Ruby happily went off into the pool with her and gave her her full attention which I thought was good for a three year old. My husband said that in the first class alone she progressed more than he expected in a few lessons so we were very happy. It’s been the highlight of Ruby’s day and she looks forward to the lessons.

The whole process from start to finish has been great and we really appreciate it.

Many thanks!

Sarah B swim lesson testimonials
Sarah B.
Naples, FL

The swim lessons are going very well, and Hunter responds very well to Robin’s instruction. She is patient, excellent with our son, and he is progressing well.

Patricia G swim lesson testimonials
Patricia G.
Pickering, ON

Our family has hired AquaMobile to teach swimming lessons at our pool over the past 5 summers. This summer we had our 3 children and 8 other family members and friends join in on the lessons. The children ranged in ages from 4 through 16 years.

The instructor this summer, Ariana was amazing with each and every child! Ariana tailored the lessons to the individual needs of each child. She taught various groups, ranging from pre-school to Bronze Cross and First Aid Certification. The children experienced two full weeks of fun, excitement, learning and individual success!  Thank you, AquaMobile!!!

Tracie G swim lesson testimonials
Tracie G.
Winter Springs, FL

I give Miss Amanda a 10 out of 10.  She was absolutely fantastic with Kennedy and even got her into her swimsuit on a couple of occasions when Kennedy wasn’t really up for the lesson.  She has great techniques, she was very personable and gave me and my husband instruction on how to follow through with training.  Although Kennedy was not swimming on her own after the 8 lessons, I can say that as of today she is!!!!

We are very pleased with the results and would recommend your services to other friends and family.  Thank you again!!

Michael C swim lesson testimonials
Michael C.
Oakville, ON

For the past 4 years our two children have been enjoying their swim lessons from the outstanding instructors at AquaMobile Swim School. The instructors have been consistently excellent through the years, always reliable, punctual and fun to be around.

The kids have never complained once, even when the weather was less than perfect. The lessons are fun and challenging and the instructors are enthusiastic, cheerful and professional. Highly recommended!

Barb G swim lesson testimonials
Barb G.
Toronto, ON

We have been using AquaMobile for the last 3 summers and plan on using their services again this summer as well.  We really like the flexibility of scheduling our own times and having the instructors come to our pool.

We have scheduled our lessons so that our two children have 3 to 4 lessons a week over a 3 week period and they have progressed far more quickly than a typical weekly program.  This was really important to us especially having a pool in our backyard.

The instructors have been exceptional in their teaching skills, professionalism and interaction with our children.  They work the kids hard but also allow time for some fun with them too!  We highly recommend AquaMobile Swim School.

Peggy P swim lesson testimonials
Peggy P.
Miami Beach, FL

We love Emily – more importantly, Olivia loves Miss Emily. She’s learned many things that I wanted out of signing up for classes (floating in back, small dives, proper form in freestyle, back stroke, ). Just like school, it’s both a parent and teacher team effort where I work with Olivia to practice what’s she’s learned. Very positive reviews for Emily.

What I love about AquaMobile is that I was able to find instructors that would travel to Miami Beach and to hold lessons in my condo pool. I also appreciate your flexibility on the lessons in terms if cancellation/rescheduling. Living in Miami, the weather is so unpredictable plus with kids getting sick, I loved that we were able to work it all out.

Denise S swim lesson testimonials
Denise S.
Markham, ON

AquaMobile has always taken into consideration my children’s learning needs and style, and has matched the instructor perfectly.The AquaMobile Instructor understands the children, and knows how to get them to achieve each mile stone with ease.

Nithya D swim lesson testimonials
Nithya D.
Arlington, MA

My husband and I both think Lauren is amazing.  She manages to keep Nikhil going even when he’s too tired (and he is very strong willed), plus she is great at teaching swimming itself.  We are very happy with the teaching she is providing.

I also love the follow-up from AquaMobile on the progress of the lessons. We would love to have Lauren again if she is still teaching in next time we come to FL!

Jeff J swim lesson testimonials
Jeff J.
Miami, FL

Excellent experience all around. Emily was worth every penny and more. She was great with both of our children and we will definitely use her next summer. She had a great personality and is a great instructor.

Victoria R swim lesson testimonials
Victoria R.
Woodbridge, ON

Andree had such a lovely rapport with my kids and with the adults, provided lots of positive feedback and also constructive criticism to help us do better next time.

Elaine G swim lesson testimonials
Elaine G.
Thorold, ON

We loved our instructor, Alisa. She was so patient but knew when to encourage our children to try new skills.

Bethany S swim lesson testimonials
Bethany S.
Tallahassee, FL

We absolutely loved Emily, our instructor. She was very friendly, outgoing and helped our 3-year-old learn how to float on her back in just one lesson.

Karen L swim lesson testimonials
Karen L.
Oakville, ON

The lifeguard was delightful and interacted very well with the young kids. She did her job well when a child had a problem in the pool.

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