We’ve all been there. Your child is at a group swim lesson and you feel like they’re not getting the most out of it. They’re not progressing as quickly or not getting enough attention while they’re in the water. Some of these issues are discouraging for parents and children alike. Private swim lessons can solve those problems! Here are some benefits of private swim lessons to consider when deciding between private swim lessons or group swim lessons!


Benefit of Private Swim Lesson #1: Customization

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With private swim lessons, students have one-on-one interaction with their instructor. They will benefit from customised swim lessons that are tailored to their skill level and goals.  They will learn new techniques faster because they are given the attention needed in order to improve their skills.


Benefit of Private Swim Lessons: Convenience

Private swim lessons can be organised around your schedule. You don’t have to worry about missing a group lesson, driving too far to your community pool, or having to commit to a set schedule. Private swim lessons allow you to learn in a comfortable environment at your personal backyard or condominium pool.


Benefit of Private Swim Lessons: Certified Instructors

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Private swim lessons allow you to have access to a personal certified swim instructor. Although the swim instructors at community pools and the YMCA are also most definitely certified and insured, community pools hire many new and inexperienced swim instructors. Private swim lesson instructors are often more experienced and dedicated to the success of the student because they can focus on a single student. AquaMobile instructors have multiple years of experience and are committed to giving you the best service. They are able to create customised plans for any skill level and they are passionate about the success of their students. What’s more, many certified private swim lesson instructors boast unique certifications that hone specialised skills like teaching special needs students, coaching triathletes, and formal background in medical fields.


Benefit of Private Swim Lessons: Safety

Having private lessons at home gives you peace of mind. Because the lessons happen at your personal pool, you will always be in a comfortable environment. Our instructors are certified in many areas including CPR and First Aid, so you can be assured that you’ll be in the right hands. Often times our instructors have even more impressive qualifications such as paramedic training and nursing!

Overall, private swim lessons have multiple benefits. For a great visual take a look at the chart below!

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