For our friends north of the equator, it’s still winter! The snow won’t melt, the holiday’s are over, and the kids are getting restless. What in the world are you going to do to keep your kids active and occupied!? Look no further, here are our top 10 winter activities to keep kids active this winter!


1) Tobogganing

Sliding down a hill on a piece of plastic is fun at all ages! Take your kids to a neighbourhood hill in a park and join in on the fun! Racing down and running up the hill turns out to be the perfect fun and exercise combined.




2) Skating

Take your kids to an outdoor rink or the local arena for parent & tot public skate. It’s often free and a great activity that exercises the entire body.




3) Downhill Skiing and Snowboarding

Hit the slopes! Take a trip to a nearby ski hill if your climate allows for it, or book a trip somewhere like Vermont or British Columbia to work those thighs while zooming down the hill. Be sure to book your kids a lesson on the bunny hill to learn the basics if they are beginners!


4) Cross-Country Skiing

If downhill skiing is out of reach, a simple cross-country ski is a great way to enjoy the outdoors while getting some exercise. The act of skiing is like lunging and makes for a gentle exercise.


5) Classic Winter Activities

A classic snowball fight always cheers anyone up! Making snow angels and snow castles are also some good wintertime classics!


6) Indoor Swimming

This one is obviously our favorite! Take your kids to the local community swimming pool this winter to keep up their skills during the off season.


7) Obstacle Course

This activity can be done inside or out depending on what you want to use to make the course. Find an open space like the backyard or living room and set up chairs, ropes, hula hoops, and other items to make the route. Climb over or under chairs, limbo under ropes, jump into hula hoops, and whatever else you can think of! If you’re really inventive, use the snow to create the obstacle course!

8) Snowshoeing

Snowshoeing is excellent exercise as you have to hike up your knees with each step. If you don’t already own any see if you can find some second hand ones online or rent.




9) Plain Ol’ Walk

Walking in the winter is a magical thing to do. Especially in the dark! The glistening snow in the moonlight is like nothing else in this world. The moonlight reflecting off the white snow makes the nighttime surprisingly bright.





10) Street Hockey

Grab the kids in the neighborhood and set up a nice friendly game of hockey in a quiet residential street. Use rocks or mitts to mark the nets and any sport of ball to play with. If you don’t have sticks, use your feet!





11) Balloon Volleyball

If it’s just too cold to step foot outside, blow up a balloon for the kids to kick and throw around the house. It will keep them moving for hours.





12) Join a Winter Sport


If you really want a way to keep your kids active throughout the winter, consider registering for a sports program.


Hope this list gives you inspiration for winter activities to do with the kids! Remember to dress for the weather and stay safe! Let us know if you try any of these activities with your family or if you have other ideas for activities to keep kids active during the winter.