As a pool owners, we all know the basics of maintaining it- skimming regularly, vacuuming, maintaining pH levels, and changing filters. We also know that if cleaning it was as fun as swimming in it, we’d do it more often. Don’t fret, here at AquaMobile we have the pool hacks that will save you time on cleaning, and give you more time for swimming!

Here are our tips that you should use next time you need to clean your pool:

Pool Hacks: Super Skimmer

Normal skimmer baskets do a fine job, but what if we told you it become a lot better. Wrap an old pair of pantyhose around the skimmer basket to make it a super skimmer!

The pantyhose will filter out finer debris such as sand, hair, and fine dirt- essentially anything that can sift through a normal skimmer basket. Remember to clean out the skimmer basket once a week and continue to skim the surface of the pool regularly.

Pool Hacks: Serves Up!

Who knew tennis balls had so many functions? Toss in some tennis balls (make sure they’re new) onto the surface of your pool or skimmers and they’ll be sure to make your water crystal- clear.

The tennis balls absorb natural body oils, sunscreen, and makeup left behind by swimmers.

Pool Hacks: Baking Soda

Use baking soda for most of your cleaning needs- from the kitchen to the bathroom to the pool it’ll help whatever area shine again!

Mix baking soda and water to clean your pool tiles! Mixing the two ingredients will create a paste- use it to clean your pool tiles and grout to prevent algae growth.

Baking soda is also helpful for maintaining your pool’s pH level. Just one pound of baking soda is equal to most alkalinity products on the market. With that said, baking soda will increase the alkalinity of your pool water, which will also increase the pH at a fraction of the cost!

Pool Hacks: Bugs Be Gone

Having bugs around during your swim can be annoying. Politely tell them to buzz off by, planting lemongrass plants. Lemongrass contains citronella on its skin which mosquitoes and other bugs hate, preventing them from ruining your pool party and ending up in your skimmer or filter.

Want those pesky wasps to go away? Place faux wasps nest to keep them away. Fill a brown paper bag with plastic bags and place it near your pool. Wasps are territorial, and when they notice another nest (even a fake one) they will avoid that area.

Pool Hacks: D.E. Powder

Sand filters have a hard time filtering fine particles out of your pool. Add one cup of D.E. powder in your skimmer and let it run through your system.

The powder will boost the effectiveness of your sand filter and prevent your pool from becoming cloudy.

We hope these DIY tips help you save time and money on your pool maintenance this summer!

Let us know your pool hacks in the comments below!