We all love a good laugh, so we’re giving you 12 of our favorite Swimming Puns so funny, the whole family will be shaking their bellies like a bowl full of jelly!


Why do dolphins only swim in salt water?

Because pepper makes them sneeze!





Where do ghosts like to go swimming?

Lake Eerie!






What did the ocean say to the beach?

Nothing. It just waved.






What kinds of jokes do turtles tell?

Shell-arious ones!



What did the ice cube say to the glass of water?

I was water before it was cool!




Why did the swimmer go back in time?

Because he was doing the backstroke!






What is the best exercise for swimmers?








Where do fish keep their money? 

In river-banks!








What did Cinderella wear on her feet when she went swimming? 

Glass Flippers.




Why don’t vegetarians swim in competitions? 

Because they don’t like meets.







Why can elephants swim whenever they want?

They always have their trunks!
















What did the fish say when he swam into a wall? 





What are some of your favorite Swimming Related Aquatic Puns and Jokes? Let us know in the comments section below!