Who doesn’t love a fun day at the beach? Laying in the sun, playing in the water and doing many other activities can get messy pretty quickly. Finding all your stuff covered in sand and all wet is not how you want to end your day. With a few of our tricks, you will not have to worry about this at all. Applying sunscreen regularly and staying hydrated are common tips, but we have a list of 5 beach hacks that you might not know about!

1. Protect Your Phone

The last thing that you want is your phone getting wet or covered in sand. This can result in a broken phone or one that’s hard to clean. Protect your phone by placing it in a sandwich bag. This will save your phone from the elements and still let you use it. Sandwich bags are a cheap alternative to transparent sealable cases sold on Amazon. You can buy it here if you would rather be safe than sorry!

2. Bring a Fitted Bedsheet

Beach Hacks

Have you ever had to chase your blanket across the beach after a gust of wind? If you don’t want to worry about this again, we have a solution for you. All you need is a fitted bed sheet!

The elastic corners on the bedsheet let you place items to keep them in place. This also ensures that sand is kept out for a quick and stress-free cleanup!

3. Waterproof Beach Blanket

Bringing a waterproof blanket on your next beach trip will have you thanking yourself later! It is worth the cost if you plan on hitting the beach this summer!

This type of blanket is perfect for lounging in the sand and poolside. You and all of your things will remain sand-free. There are many colours and styles from brands like L.L. Bean and Yodo. Check them out by clicking here!

4. Baby Powder Power

beach hacks

Anyone can use baby powder nowadays! We all know how sand likes to stick to us after getting out of the water. Using baby powder can help with this.

Rub baby powder on the sandy areas and watch it fall right off. The ingredients used in baby powder remove moisture from the skin allowing for a quick and easy clean-up.

5. Bottles Up!

Never worry about losing anything you care about at the beach again. You can make your very very own floating item holder. Bring your cash, keys and cards to the beach without a clunky wallet holding you down.

All you need is an empty medicine bottle and cord. Drill a hole in the cap and thread the cord through it. Voila! You have a waterproof way to store your items safely!

We hope these beach hacks come in handy! Be sure to visit beautiful beach destinations in North America. We have an awesome list of them!

Have any helpful beach hacks of your own? Let us know in the comments!