Swimming isn’t exclusively reserved for Summer!

When the leaves start falling off the trees and school begins, it means autumn has arrived! Don’t let the weather cooling down and the shorter days stop you from hopping in the pool a few more times. Relive the summer days by taking a refreshing dip before the cold weather strikes.


AquaMobile provides 5 tips and reminders for swimming lessons in Autumn


1. Stock up on big fluffy towels

Getting out of the water is a shock to your system whether it’s hot or cold outside. After leaving the swimming pool, the water on your body evaporates and takes the heat away from you.  Avoid getting a cold by keeping big fluffy towels near the pool to warm up with.

Ever wonder why you are so cold getting out of the pool? Well, when you swim, the inside of your body minimizes circulation. This causes warm blood to pool in your core. The body cooling itself down doesn’t stop when you get out of the pool. Drying off will help warm you up and increase blood flow.


2. Don’t forget to heat your pool (sustainably!)

Coldwater in the pool isn’t pleasant regardless of the weather outside! A warm and toasty pool encourages you and your children to swim more. Solar power is a renewable energy source that can be used to heat a pool. Powered by the sun, a solar pool heater costs between $3,000 and $4,000. However, it saves users money over time. 

Another viable option that contributes to saving the planet is a heat pump swimming pool heater. It uses electricity to move the heat from one location to the next. This generates heat directly similar to regular electric resistance water heaters. It’s two to three times more energy-efficient than other pool heating methods.


3. Host a back-to-school swim party with pun-tastic invitations!

It’s wonderful to “sea” everyone back at school! Start the school year off right with a fun pool party. Before kicking off the fun, it’s important to make sure all the children swimming are safe. Know that you’re prepared to keep everyone safe by looking at the previous post. Hiring a lifeguard might be a good idea as well!

Summer is a busy time because many families take vacations. What better way to bring friends back together than a pool party. Swimming is fun and is a great way to get kids socializing. New friends can be made and old ones can reunite simply by being together!


4. Keep up with your regular summer pool maintenance routine

Continue to maintain your pool like you would in the summertime. This will make sure that it’s ready for next season and keep it safe for swimming in autumn. The process is simple and begins with inspecting your pool no less than once a week. Make sure that pool equipment is working properly and check the water level. Also, don’t forget to empty the skimmer basket and check the chlorine levels. The pH levels should be between 7.2 and 7.6 and should continually be checked.

Pool upkeep should never stop. It’s essential to keep you and everyone swimming in your pool safe. Chlorine and pH levels should be maintained. According to the CDC, chlorine is used to kill germs and should have levels of 1 ppm in pools and at least 3 ppm in hot tubs. pH levels are the levels of acidity in the pool. It must be between 7.2 and 7.8 to avoid eye and skin irritation.


5. Consider efficient LED lighting for your pool

The sun goes down quicker than it does in the summer, which means there is less time to swim during the daytime. Light up your pool with LED lighting which not only illuminates the pool but saves the Earth. There are a variety of colours and sizes to choose from when it comes to these lights.

LED lights use only 42 watts of energy. How do these miracle lights work? They stay on by moving electrons through a semiconductor material. This means there’s less resistance as the circuit’s temperature rises. Although, this shouldn’t be a worry as these lights don’t give off heat in the pool. Lights that work underwater are helpful for late-night swims as well!