Dive into one of these beautiful natural swimming pools on your next holiday! Escape the city and head to a cool spot to beat the heat. Most of these places are open year-round. Here are six must-see watering holes found around the world. These are some locations that you will not want to miss!

Best Locations to Swim #1: Kuang Si Falls, Laos

Turquoise waters pour into the cascading waterfall located in Luang Prabang. Make the trek to the top of the falls and you will see many natural pools above the 164-foot drop. Nestled among the trees of a jungle canopy are these refreshing natural pools. Walking along the many trails, there are a few small villages that can be found among the amazing scenery.

Best Locations to Swim #2: Hamilton Pool, Texas

A swimming hole and river in Dripping Springs, Texas was once underground. It is one of the other most well-known pools besides Barton Springs.  However, the limestone dome collapsed because of erosion. Now, this pool is surrounded by the rocky remnants of the dome. Secluded and away from the city, you will see a whimsical waterfall that comes down from 50 feet above. Many plants and animals call the area surrounding this oasis home.

Be sure to get to this natural pool early. The Hamilton Nature Preserve limits the number of daily visitors. So be sure to set aside enough time to explore every part of the area.


Best Locations to Swim #3: Giola Natural Pool, Greece

The sparkling blue waters of this coastal lagoon can be found near Astris on the island of Thasos, Greece. It is located directly next to the Aegean Sea. The only thing separating the pool from the cold waters is a small rock barrier. Although sports enthusiasts can jump off the cliffs into crystalline waters. Getting to this pool can be difficult though. Climbing up the rocks is part of the journey.


Best Locations to Swim #4: Havasupai Falls, Arizona

Tucked away in the depths of the Grand Canyon is this desert oasis. Along the Colorado River is the Havasupai Indian Reservation where you can find the pool. The orange-tinged cliffs are coated by the rushing waters into tranquil pools. Hikers and campers come to this picturesque location that takes limited reservations. Hiking through the Arizona desert can quickly get tiring, which makes arriving at the swimming holes and cliff diving that much more worth it!



Best Locations to Swim #5: Cenote Il Kil, Mexico

AquaMobile Swim School Cenote Il Kil, Mexico 6 Best Locations to Swim Around the World

Ripped straight out of a fairy tale is this beautiful spot in Yucatan. The sparkling turquoise waters of this pool lie 82 feet below the ground’s surface. It was previously home to several Mayan rituals thousands of years ago. You will see lush moss, vegetation and vines hanging on the walls surrounding the water below. 

This is a fun and historic place to visit. Not far from the pool are the Mayan Ruins of Chichen Itza. A short walk will lead you to restaurants and other conveniently located amenities. So give it an hour and then go swimming after supper!

Best Locations to Swim #6: Devil’s Pool, Zambia

Seeing the waters of Victoria Falls up close is already astounding enough, but imagine swimming in them! Go for a dip in the Zambezi River atop the largest waterfall in the world. The Devil’s Pool is accessible from mid-August to mid-January because the water is lower and calmer. This ensures visitors are not swept over the falls. Peeking over the edge of the rocky barrier that separates you from a 330-foot drop is terrifying and exhilarating at the same time!


We hope you enjoyed Aquamobile’s 6 best locations to swim around the world as much as we did! Know of any other locations that are beautiful to swim in? Comment Below!


Heather Lomax is a contributing writer and media relations specialist for CYI Charters. She regularly produces content for a variety of travel blogs, discussing where to go and what to do once you’re there.