There’s nothing better than taking a dip into a natural swimming pool in some of the most serene locations of the Earth. These locations can provide the perfect place to escape the bustling cities and sweltering heat, some of them year-round. Check out these six must-see watering holes found around the world to really see some of the best locations to swim around the world.

Best Locations to Swim #1: Kuang Si Falls, Laos

Large tiers collect the turquoise water of this cascading waterfall located in Luang Prabang, with various trails leading to the top of the falls and showing off other natural pools above the 164-foot drop. The dense jungle canopy provides shade over much of the refreshing natural pools, allowing hikers to escape the heat after trekking through small villages and over bridges amidst beautiful jungle scenery.

Best Locations to Swim #2: Hamilton Pool, Texas

This swimming hole and river in Dripping Springs, Texas once existed underground, covered by a limestone dome that collapsed due to erosion long ago. Today, the pool is partially surrounded by a rock outcropping that was once part of the dome, providing a secluded spot to relax in and around the water. A light waterfall at the back of the pool drops 50 feet from above, adding a majestic quality to the already beautiful scenery. And with the abundant fresh water, diverse species of vegetation and animals also inhabit the area surrounding the oasis.

In an effort to preserve this unique spot, the Hamilton Nature Preserve limits the number of daily visitors, so be sure to arrive early in order to ensure entry and time to explore the area.


Best Locations to Swim #3: Giola Natural Pool, Greece

Warm, pleasant waters can be found at this blue coastal lagoon located near Astris on the island of Thasos, Greece. A rock barrier is the only thing that separates this pool from the cooler waters of the Aegean Sea, providing ideal spots for visitors to leap from the small cliffs into the pool’s crystalline waters. Although the hike to the Giola pool can be a bit tricky with some rock scrambling involved, the destination is well worth the hike.


Best Locations to Swim #4: Havasupai Falls, Arizona

In the depths of the Grand Canyon lies a desert oasis along the Colorado River that runs through the Havasupai Indian Reservation. The rushing waters that plunge from vibrant orange cliffs into azure pools draw in hikers and campers to this picturesque location from around the world. It is crucial to make reservations far in advance due to the popularity and limitations on numbers allowed into the area. The long hike through the desert is rewarded with endless refreshing swimming holes and some of the best cliff jumping opportunities in the world.



Best Locations to Swim #5: Cenote Il Kil, Mexico

This unique spot in Yucatán almost appears to be a scene out of a fairytale. A deep, tranquil pool lies 82 feet below the surface of the ground within an open pit that was used for Mayan rituals thousands of years ago. The limestone walls that surround the pool are covered in lush moss and vegetation, and long vines descend from above into the depths of the water. If you’re looking for historical tourist spots, this natural cenote is also conveniently located near the Mayan Ruins of Chichen Itza. Furthermore, it is easily accessed with a short walk and has a restaurant and facilities on the scene, making it a perfect place to stop for a relaxing swim after dinner.

Best Locations to Swim #6: Devil’s Pool, Zambia


Any angle of the unbelievable amounts of water rushing over Victoria Falls is awe-inspiring, but imagine sitting in the flowing waters of the Zambezi River atop the largest waterfall in the world.The Devil’s Pool can only be safely accessed during mid-August until mid-January, when the waters are lower and calmer, to ensure that visitors are not swept over the edge of the falls. The experience of peeking over the edge of the rocky barrier and down the 330-foot drop is simply exhilarating.


We hope you enjoyed Aquamobile’s 6 best locations to swim around the world as much as we did! Know of any other locations that are beautiful to swim? Comment Below!


Heather Lomax is a contributing writer and media relations specialist for CYI Charters. She regularly produces content for a variety of travel blogs, discussing where to go and what to do once you’re there.