AquaMobile has a simple mission – to offer excellent swim lessons in the comfort and convenience of our client’s home pools! In spirit of providing high quality swim instruction, this blog exists to compliment AquaMobile’s swim program. The blog provides parents, swimmers, and swim zealots with a place to dive into everything swim. Join us as our expert swim instructors discuss issues of pool safety, swim technique, water activities and much, much, more.


Welcome to the swim blog, here’s a bit about us…


What is AquaMobile?

AquaMobile provides at-home swim lessons and lifeguarding services for children and adults across Ontario and Florida. Over the past nine years, AquaMobile has grown to become the largest at-home swim instruction company in Ontario. Built up by providing superior, friendly service to our customers. Read more about us!

What is Unique About AquaMobile?

AquaMobile differentiates itself as a swim school by offering clients the unique combination of convenience, flexibility, safety, trust, and meaningful results.

Convenience and Flexibility
AquaMobile offers clients convenience by providing Swim Instructors who will teach at our clients’ homes. AquaMobile has swim instructors on call during the day, evenings and weekends. Clients are able to choose the number of lessons each week, and the timing of lesson. This ensures there are never any conflicts.

Safety and Trust
Each AquaMobile swim instructor has a minimum of three years experience. In addition, each instructor is required to have, and has undergone a rigorous training program to earn: their Red Cross/Lifesaving Instructor certification, National Lifeguard Service Award and CPR-C and Standard First Aid certification. Some of our instructors hold advanced instructing qualifications and have formal training as teachers.


Our clients see results much quicker than with other swim schools. This is because AquaMobile offers experts who instruct on a one-on-one basis. Instructors can also work in small group settings. These intimate types of lessons really ensure that the student has all the attention they need in order to progress. Our results include; shorter time to progress through the swim levels, increased water confidence and safety awareness. Our lessons work on improving students’ stroke form, strength, coordination, agility and speed.

Who Founded AquaMobile?

Diana Goodwin founded AquaMobile in 2003. As an instructor, she became frustrated by the lack of attention she was able to give her students in large, community centre swim classes. She thought, “There must be a more effective way to teach in a comfortable learning environment that is also convenient for parents,” and so AquaMobile was formed!

Diana has over 12 years experience in the aquatics industry working as an instructor, supervisor and manager. She worked at a number of private swim companies and community pools for the City of Mississauga. During this time, she got experience teaching all ages and skill levels before founding AquaMobile. Diana is a big sports fan and has competed in numerous lifeguard competitions. She represented the University of Toronto in Varsity soccer and track and field competitions while pursuing her Bachelor of Commerce degree, which she completed in 2007. In 2011, Diana received her Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Find out more about AquaMobile’s beginnings.

Get To Know The Expert Instructors!

AquaMobile’s experts are a team of friendly, mature swim instructors with lots of experience. The AquaMobile Management Team thoroughly screens all swim instructors to ensure we’ve got the best of the best! All AquaMobile instructors have a minimum three years instructing experience. Instructors are university age or older, and are certified by the Red Cross and Lifesaving Society. Check out our amazing instructors!

If you’ve got any questions, we’d love to answer them! Shoot us a message at [email protected]!