Get your kids excited about school this September! Finding all of the necessary school supplies is essential. Do you have everything you need to help your child succeed? Start the school year off right with this list of exciting school supplies from AquaMobile!

Back to School Must Have Item #1: Planner

Back to school must have calendar

Keep your child on track with this easy-to-use calendar! This is one both of you can use together. You can keep track of your child’s extracurricular activities (like swim lessons) and they will learn the importance of planning. 

With this hanging up, you and your children will never miss an event. This can also be an activity that the two of you do together. Hanging things up on a calendar promotes fine motor and memory skills.

Back to School Must Have Item #2: Animal shaped paper clips

Brighten up those homework assignments this year! These animal-shaped paper clips will keep loose papers from flying everywhere. There are 12 different animal shapes in a box. So this makes it easy for your little one to pick out a favourite animal or sea creature! Try AquaMobile’s “Which Sea Creature Are You Quiz” to find out if you are a Dolphin or Starfish!

Organization can make all the difference when it comes to children. Having everything in its place is essential wherever you may be. By making otherwise boring tasks fun, your child can learn and enjoy themselves at the same time!

Back to School Must Have Item #3: Backpack

Back to school must have backpack

A backpack is not something to skip out on when it comes to going back to school! Some of them even come with an attached lunchbox. No lunchbox will get left behind this way! We also have a list of meal ideas for your child’s lunchbox!

Bringing a backpack to school will hold everything else on this list. So let your child choose the perfect one for them. There are all sorts of patterns and colours. Let them pick one that matches their personality and interests!

Back to School Must Have Item #4: The Dolphin Stapler

This swimmingly fun dolphin stapler is an awesome addition to any little swimmer’s desk at home or school! Having this cute little stapler around will have kids looking forward to completing homework assignments.

Stapling paper together will be much more satisfying. Putting their work together can be a reward for hard work. Be sure to help the little ones when using this tool because staples can be quite sharp.

Back to School Must Have Item #5: Nautical Themed Pencils & Accessories

Back to school must have pencils

If your little one loves the sea, check out this 144 piece assortment. A nautical theme is certainly a unique one. Packed with pencils, erasers, sticker sheets and removable glitter tattoos, your child will surely stay excited about school!

Why buy all of your school supplies separately when you can get them all together? You can save money by purchasing everything in a bundle. This works especially well if your child has a specific interest!

We hope you enjoyed Aquamobile’s guide to Back to School must-haves as much as we did. Do you have any must-have Back to School Items that you can’t do without? Comment below!