Being a mobile swim instructor is awesome! Spend hot summer days in a pool while getting paid! Being a Mobile Swim Instructor provides you with the perfect work-life balance and high earning potential.


Flexible Schedules

Mobile instructors have the opportunity to work as much or as little they want. College students, stay-at-home moms and those with full-time jobs can work around their schedules. At AquaMobile, our travelling swim instructors post their availability in advance and clients can contact them during these times. Swim instructors can also contact clients directly to reschedule if needed.


Earn More As A Mobile Swim Instructor

Mobile swim instructors have a high earning potential. Generally, swimming lessons in someone’s home pool have a higher price tag. In turn, mobile swim instructors make more money than those teaching group swim lessons at a community pool. At-home lesson companies also give instructors opportunities to earn bonuses. AquaMobile offers one of the highest pay grades in the industry as well as bonuses!


Insurance Policy

Mobile swim instructors should always have insurance coverage. At AquaMobile. We offer our instructors a multi-million dollar liability policy. We encourage you to be insured before you begin teaching swim lessons with any company and they should provide this.


Team Network & Job Security

Traditional swim schools are split into the categories of municipal pools and private swim schools. Municipal swim lessons at a community centre or private swim academies offer group lessons on a set schedule. Working at one of these institutions can introduce you to a tight-knit group of people. However, you remain limited to your city or building where you work.


Becoming a mobile swim instructor at a larger provider like AquaMobile lets you become part of a family across a bigger area. We serve most of North America, have an extensive network of over 2,000 instructors and customer service representatives in all time zones. Our administration team is dedicated to helping you throughout your time as an AquaMobile Swim Instructor. A large network of customers is essential to job security. So if you move counties, states or provinces, we make sure you have students.

At AquaMobile, we’re always looking for the best swim instructors to join our family!

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