Sunny California is the best place to visit when it comes to swimming and surfing. Los Angeles is home to many of the state’s world-renowned attractions. From the coastlines of Malibu to the docks of Redondo, there is no shortage of beaches nearby!

Beaches can get packed pretty quickly in Los Angeles. So if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, head over to some of the local swimming holes. The hike to these is worth it because you can cool off afterwards. What’s better than that?

Surfer looking for waves or family on a day trip? We will help you find your place with our list of the best places to swim in Los Angeles!

Malibu Creek Rock Pool

AquaMobile Swim presents Los Angeles' best places to swim: Malibu Creek Rock Pool

Beautiful and peaceful, this natural swimming pool is located in Malibu Creek State Park. A 2.5-mile hike through lush and serene trails leads to the Malibu Creek Rockpool. The hike isn’t for everyone, but the prize at the end is worth it! Thrillseekers and sunbathers rejoice at the sight of Malibu Creek Rock Pool.

Switzer Falls

In Angeles National Forest, you will come across an impressive set of waterfalls. The end of this 3-mile hike will lead you to look on in amazement! Switzer Falls comes with a scenic trail and has a variety of swimming holes along the way in case the falls are too crowded. Experience nature by making the trek to one of nature’s many wonders.

Santa Monica State Beach

AquaMobile Swim presents Los Angeles' best places to swim: Santa Monica State Beach

We know that not everyone likes to hike. Explore one of the many beaches that Los Angeles has to offer. Relax and enjoy the ocean whether that means swimming, surfing or sunbathing. Santa Monica State Beach is adored by locals and tourists alike. It’s the best spot to hang out with friends or capture that best Instagram photo. Along with Santa Monica, there are amenities for families as well. Santa Monica Pier is the main attraction. It is over three blocks in length and tourists and families come by to play games and grab a bite to eat!

Surfrider Beach

AquaMobile Swim presents the best places to swim in Los Angeles: Surfrider Beach
Shred and catch some waves at this beach that is a surfer’s paradise. Surfrider Beach is renowned for the many legendary surfers that use it to practice. If you are still learning to surf or don’t know how watching others is just as spectacular! You will be amazed by just one visit to this beach. There’s always something going on Surfrider Beach, which keeps people coming back again and again!

El Matador State Beach

AquaMobile Swim presents the best places to swim in Los Angeles: El Matador State Beach

Finally, one of the most unforgettable places in Los Angeles is El Matador State Beach. This one is quaint and quiet making it ideal for an intimate outing. It can be hard to get to, but the beach at the end of this journey won’t make you regret it. Take a walk along the beach at sunset and you will most definitely fall in love with this beach. 

These destinations are hard to get to in one day. Luckily, we have prepared a map for you to show you where each one is!

What’s your favorite beach in Los Angeles?

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