Summer is just around the corner! So get ready to find a budget-friendly holiday on your continent. Where should you go? What are the best places to visit? Well, AquaMobile has some suggestions. Here are 5 Places to Visit for the Best North American Swimming Holiday!

#1 Place to Visit: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Bring the family on the ultimate summer getaway to the famous Myrtle Beach. There’s something for everyone in the family here! Activities include fishing, water sports, dolphin cruises and much more. What else, you ask? Myrtle Beach is also home to the Wild Waters and Wheels amusement and water park. There’s no shortage of fun here!

#2 Place to Visit: Clearwater Beach, Florida

Beat the heat with a trip to this beach! The golden sands sparkle like the deep blue waters do at Clearwater Beach. After harsh winter conditions, who wouldn’t want to experience warm Floridian heat!?

#3 Place to Visit: Laguna Beach, California

Here’s a name that you might recognize right away! There’s a huge surf culture, it’s always sunny and the beaches are sandy in Laguna Beach. In Orange County, you will find this beautiful area that is loved by locals and snowbirds alike. There’s also a passion for the arts and music making it a perfect destination for families!

#4 Place to Visit: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Interested in travelling abroad and experiencing a new culture on your next swimming holiday? Look no further than Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! There are beaches in this safe community that are ideal for swimming, surfing and a variety of other water activities. While land-dwellers can enjoy the beautiful shops and galleries in town. If you decide to kick back on the beach, exploring the cave is a must!

#5 Place To Visit: Chena Hot Springs, Alaska

What’s Alaska doing on this list? Isn’t super cold!? Yes, it is, but try heading up Chena Hot Springs this winter. This naturally formed swimming pool will help you stay warm in the most frigid temperatures. So go ahead and take a dip at this unique destination!

We hope you enjoyed our favourite places to visit during the colder months. What other affordable getaways are there for families? Check out our list of the Best Beach Destinations in North America for more ideas!  Comment below!