Whether it’s raining or you’re having a lazy night in with the kids, sometimes need a little action How about watching a sports movie for kids? Maybe pretend to play the sport with imaginary equipment in the house!?

Here are AquaMobile’s picks for the best sports movies for kids!


Space Jam

Michael Jordan and Buggs Bunny in the same movie? Who would see this coming!? Grab your imaginary basketball or better yet, blow up a ballon and dribble around the “court” shooting hoops!


Ice Princess

This flick will have you slipping and sliding around in no time! When a physics whiz perfects her figure skating abilities for a school assignment, it becomes a passion. Twirl around like a ballerina and jump up in the air!


Cool Runnings

Who would have thought a Jamaican bobsled team could exit and make it to the Olympics!? Grab some pillows to make your “bobsled.” Then pretend to fill the feel the wind in your hair as you zoom down the winding track!


The Karate Kid

Jackie Chan mentors a young karate prodigy in this action-packed film. Keep a good distance karate chopping the couch!


The Mighty Ducks

An unlikely hockey coach helps a group of kids win. Get out the imaginary hockey sticks and practice your slap shot!

When a new kid arrives in town, he starts playing baseball. Watch as he overcomes obstacles and provides some laughs along the way. Use pillows as the bases and umbrellas as bats to hit the balloon around the living room.



The inspiring true story of a school teacher on an all-African American swim team. Now imaginary swimming is touch, but we believe you can do it. Lay on the floor and practice stroking your arms and kicking your legs!


We hope you had an amazing time pretending to play these sports with imaginary equipment while you watch these great flicks!


Know any other awesome sports movies for kids? If you liked these movies, check out our list of swimming movies for kids on Netflix! Have ideas on how to play imaginary sports indoors? Let us know in the comments!