Whether it’s a heartwarming love story or a laugh out loud comedy, a film centering around an athlete’s favorite sport can inspire any swimmer. We want to share our love for swimming in cinema with our list of movies that showcase the life and challenges of swimmers. Here are AquaMobile’s top 5 best swimming movies that every swimmer should spend a night in to watch:

Best swimming movies list

Pride (2007)

The first movie on our best swimming movies list is based on a 1973 true story, this inspirational movie stars Terrence Howard who plays determined swim coach Jim Ellis. After finishing college, Jim looks for work as a math teacher and is turned down for a teaching job at a private school in Philadelphia. As a student, Ellis loved sports and was an exceptional swimmer, but encountered discrimination from other teams at swim meets.

Ellis sets out to create a swim team for troubled teens in his inner city neighbourhood. His vision was to form the city’s first African-American swim team to compete in the state championship meet. He teaches his team about the importance of never giving up and working hard to find success. The film was nominated for an ESPY Award in 2007 for ‘Best Sports Movie’ and was also nominated for two Image Awards in 2008 for ‘Outstanding Actor’ and ‘Outstanding Directing’.


On a Clear Day (2005)

After decades of working as a Glasgow shipbuilder, Frank Redmond, a 55-year-old working class man, loses his job. He feels desperately alone without a sense of direction and decides to challenge himself to do something extraordinary – swim the English Channel. Redmond use this test of endurance to tackle his inner demons and rebuild his confidence.

As Redmond focuses each day on reaching his goal, his friends are always by his side to support and cheer him on. Another reason this movie was added to our best swimming movies list is because the film stars Peter Mullan from the 1990s classic Trainspotting and co-stars Billy Boyd, best known as Pippin from The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Swimfan (2002)

This Hollywood teen thriller has become a guilty pleasure for many as it proved to be quite popular at local Blockbusters in the 2000s, so naturally it had to make our best swimming movies list. High school senior, Ben is the star of his swim team and attracts the attention of scouts from Stanford University. He has a one-night stand with a new fan and femme fatale Madison. Madison becomes an obsessive stalker and threatens to ruin everything he has worked for, including his long-term relationship. This film co-stars stars Jesse Bradford as Ben and Erika Christensen as Madison.


The Guardian (2006)

Our last pick for best swimming movies is The Guardian. Recognized as the top rescue swimmer in the U.S. Coast Guard, Ben Randall (Kevin Costner) is suddenly asked to take charge of training the next generation of coast guards. Jake Fischer (Ashton Kutcher) is a cocky up-and-coming rescue swimmer in the training school and was the best swimmer in his high school. At the school, Jake endures rigorous training under the tutelage of the legendary Ben Randall and in the process learns about loss, love and sacrifice.