During the early days at AquaMobile, one of our clients missed two consecutive swimming lessons for her two sons. Later, we learned that the two boys had been in a boating accident with their father. Her husband drowned, but the two young boys survived. She told us, ‘I credit your lessons with saving my boys’ lives.’ (story taken from Diana’s interview here)


This story is a sobering reminder that swimming is more than a fun exercise. In fact, 65% of all drowning incidents happen in a pool owned by the child’s family. Learning to swim is a valuable, life-saving skill that can keep your child safe. We’ve always strived to prevent drowning one lesson at a time, but we’ve decided that it’s time to make bigger splashes this year.


We have one simple goal: we want to see 1 million more kids swimming in the pool.


How can you show your support and help to save lives?


Share our (Free!) YouTube Learn to Swim videos

Our videos (here) are a great resource for kids to learn to swim. Alternatively, they are also fantastic for instructors or parents who need a lesson plan. With over 12,000 views (and counting!) on some of our most popular videos, we are sure that they will be helpful to you. The best part? They’re free! Share them on your loved ones’ social media pages today!


Share your #1MillionSwimmers moments on social media

Chances are, some of your friends doesn’t know how to swim. Show them how much fun you’re having in the pool and don’t forget to use the #1MillionSwimmers hashtag so we can feature you on our social media pages. Water safety is serious business, but it doesn’t mean we can’t have

fun on the way!

Book Lessons for your little ones!

The best way to learn to swim is to take high quality private lessons. Our instructors are well trained and equipped to teach all ages and accommodate any special needs. You can learn more about our AquaMobile approach through our Youtube Videos here.


#1MillionSwimmers start with you!

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