Not everyone knows that common material used in swimsuits, pool toys and sun care products can be detrimental to our health.  Luckily, there are a variety of eco-friendly pool alternatives. These can go a long way when it comes to keeping you and the environment healthy. AquaMobile has compiled a list of unsustainable materials that can negatively impact your health. We have also put together a list of affordable and eco-friendly alternatives for common pool accessories!

Common Unsustainable Materials


This is a material that’s often found in pool toys, floaties and life vests. Studies show frequent exposure can cause incidences of asthma attacks and allergies in children. It also shows that phthalates can disrupt endocrine production. This can lead to breast cancer in women.


This fabric is one of the most common ones found in swimwear. It is not biodegradable or eco-friendly. This means that when you can no longer wear your swimsuit, it cannot be repurposed. Instead of being recycled or composted, it will likely end up in a landfill, which is not good for the environment.


Although it’s commonly used in sunscreen, benzophenone is not as safe as it seems. It has been linked to breast cancer. This chemical is used in inks that go into food packaging and can quickly become hazardous if not used properly. 


Sunscreen products use oxybenzone to absorb ultraviolet light. In turn, you are protected from the sun. However, constant exposure to this chemical can lead to hormone disruption and sometimes damage cells. Your body’s immune system will then become weakened, which puts you at risk for skin cancer.


Bathing Suits

The “green” economy continues to grow, alternatives become easier to find. There are now swimsuits made out of cotton, hemp, bamboo or recycled materials. A good example is Koru, which is an environmentally friendly swimwear company. These suits are partially made from recycled fishnets. Additionally, the brand uses only bulk dyed fabric that is processed without water waste or pollution. In turn, oceans are protected during the manufacturing process.

Image via Koru

Pool Toys

Switch out toys that are made using phthalates for ones made from recycled or biodegradable materials. Made to bring you the fun that lasts, it’s important to have toys that can be disposed of properly. Check out this selection from MightyNest that is safe, healthy and non-toxic!

Pool Noodles

Polyethylene foam is what you should look for when it comes to pool noodles. It is ozone-friendly, recyclable and odourless. Polyethylene is the go-to material when it comes to packaging and insulation. It is lightweight and does not require additional covering or packaging. Find a list of fun and environmentally friendly toys here!

Swim Diapers

In comparison to the disposable kind, cloth swim diapers are more eco-friendly. Because you can use them again and again with proper washing, you will not be throwing away as much. The Honest Company offers a selection of velcro, buttons or pull-ups for your little one. Swim diapers are quick-dry, reusable and stretchy! The waterproof material does not contain phthalates either.

Organic Cotton Beach Towel

Towels can be made of sustainable materials and still serve their purpose of drying you off. Organic cotton and bamboo are warm and dry. Silk & Cotton’s organic cotton beach towel is eco-friendly, fast drying and lighter than regular towels. So next time you are drying off, think of how you are changing the world!

Image via Amazon


Many eco-friendly sunscreens do not contain benzophenone or oxybenzone. Finding one is easier than you think. All you have to do is look through the Environmental Working Group’s Safe Sunscreen Guide! Sunscreen brands are rated from 1 to 10 based on their amount of eco-friendly ingredients and their level of UV protection. Check out Kiss My Face’s sunscreen. It has a “1” rating from EWG and contains zero phthalates or artificial materials.

Image via Kiss My Face

Got any favourite eco-friendly products for the pool? Let us know in the comments!