What should you put in your first aid or ultimate emergency kit? AquaMobile answers this question with our list of essentials below!

#1 Ultimate Emergency Kit Item: Backpack


A backpack is essential to having the perfect emergency kit? Where else can you store the rest of your kit? Be sure to have one that is big enough to hold everything you need! We recommend using a hiking bag or swimmer’s backpack!

You might need a backpack when you are hiking or on a long trip. This is especially true if you are camping or heading to the beach. Pick one that’s waterproof if possible.

#2 Ultimate Emergency Kit Item: Flashlight


When a thunderstorm comes rolls in, there’s always a chance of losing power. Have a flashlight or two on hand to be prepared for this. Don’t forget extra batteries! Invest in high-quality bright flashlights or manually rechargeable ones to be ready for the lights to go out!

Wandering around in the dark isn’t fun for anyone. Flashlights are most commonly used during power outages. However, you can also use one if your walking trail ends up being longer than you thought.

#3 Ultimate Emergency Kit Item: Canned, non-perishable foods


Canned foods do not need to be refrigerated, have a long shelf life and give you a variety of choices. Be sure that the foods you packed can be eaten uncooked and provide you with the daily nutrients you need. 

Here are some healthy items that you can find at your local Walmart. There are even options for those with dietary restrictions. Canned fruit and canned vegetables such as canned peas and corn can fit into a vegetarian’s diet!

#4 Ultimate Emergency Kit Item: Wateremergency-kit

You can never have enough water. If you do not have access to clean, fresh water, you should stock up. You should always have some in your house. 

Before Hurricane Irma hit Florida, a 24 pack of water bottles sold for $99 on Amazon! You can avoid the extra cost by purchasing some ahead of time. If you plan on doing any workout such as swimming, drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

#5 Ultimate Emergency Kit Item: Hygienic Products


Personal hygiene products are a vital part of your ultimate survival kit. Soap, deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner should never be left behind.

A trek through the woods can make you smell. Be prepared if you do not have access to water with products such as dry shampoo. Find a safe natural water source when necessary to stay squeaky clean!

#6 Ultimate Emergency Kit Item: First Aid Kit


You should have a first aid kit. It should hold safety necessities such as band-aids, gauze, tweezers, rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide and antibiotic cream. 

Everything should be kept in a plastic bag to prevent water damage. Lifeguards usually have one ready. However, having your kit in an unsupervised area can save a life.

We hope AquaMobile’s list provides you with the necessities you require! Have any ideas for additional survival kit ideas? Let us know in the comments below!