It can be overwhelming to make your own first aid kit or Ultimate Emergency kit because you’re left wondering what the essentials might be. Here is a list of things that should definitely make it into your emergency kit.





#1 Ultimate Emergency Kit Item: Backpack

backpack is a crucial element for a handy emergency kit. You can place all of your emergency paraphernalia in the backpack so try to get one that has compartments for easy organisation. Keep in mind that your bag should also be big enough to carry everything you need! A hiking bag, or swimmers backpack would be ideal!






#2 Ultimate Emergency Kit Item: Flashlight

With any big storm there’s always a chance of losing power. Having a flashlight or two, with back up batteries is a must in your ultimate emergency kit! Investing in high quality bright flashlights, or manually rechargeable ones, is always a great idea. 





#3 Ultimate Emergency Kit Item: Canned, non-perishable foods

Canned foods have many benefits such as not needing refrigeration, long shelf life, and variety of choices. Packing canned foods than you can eat uncooked whilst still being provided of your daily nutrients is super important. Depending on your diet, you can choose between Walmart’s well priced and diverse selection of canned foods. However if your diet restricts you from eating fish canned beans such as kidney beans, chickpeas and black beans are all solid options as well. Of course, there is also canned fruit and canned vegetables such as canned peas and corn. 





#4 Ultimate Emergency Kit Item: Water

You could never have enough water. In the odd chance that you do not have access to clean, fresh water you need to make sure you have plenty stocked up for the time being. Water is a great thing to purchase in advance and to just have stocked in your house. Reason being, before Hurricane Irma hit Florida, a 24 pack of water bottles was selling for $99 on Amazon! So if you would like to avoid that extra cost, it is better to purchase it ahead of time.






#5 Ultimate Emergency Kit Item: Hygienic Products

Personal hygiene products are also vital for your ultimate survival kit. Things as simple as soap, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner will go very far.





#6 Ultimate Emergency Kit Item: First Aid Kit

Another very important thing to keep safe is a first aid kit. In this you can pack all safety necessities. These things can be, but are not limited to: band aids, gauze, tweezers, rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, and an antibiotic cream. It is best to keep these things in a plastic bag where they cannot be damaged by water.


We hope that Aquamobile’s list will provide you with all of the basic necessities you may require! Got any ideas for additional survival kit ideas? Comment below!