Learning to swim is a repetitive process. It requires a lot of discipline and willpower to commit to the same swimming lessons day after day. Young children often thrive in environments with clear expectations, and can really get into swimming when they know exactly what they should be doing. Still, it’s always good to include water sports, swimming aids, and other training tools to increase the variety and fun of swimming lessons!

We at AquaMobile have compiled 5 Ways to Make Swimming Lessons for Kids Fun.

  1. Use combinations of swimming aids such as fins, pull buoys or snorkels. Different aids help swimmers to target train, and focus on specific techniques. The addition of swim aids is novel and interesting, and is a fun addition to regular swimming drills.
  2. Have a diverse range of sets and drills to alternate between. This helps to give young swimmers a variety of training exercises to do in the water and keeps their practice time from being overly monotonous while they are still adjusting.
  3. Include land drills into practice times. Allowing kids to exercise on dry land before or after working in the water offers a change of environment, and a chance to work on different and alternative exercises that impact performance in the water.
  4. Brainstorm target goals together with students. By giving each kid a strong sense of ownership over their own swimming training, you increase motivation and encourage a sense of responsibility and pride in training exercises.
  5. Play interactive water sports such as water polo for kids. These activities are physically rigorous, but are light-hearted activities, and is another way to take a short but pertinent break from more intensive, solo training regimes.
What other activities do you do to make kids swimming exercises more engaging for your young swimmers? Let us know in the comments below!