You’ve been out of the water for longer than you’d like and , but now you’re wondering how to get back into swimming. It can be challenging and daunting to get back into the pool and make a new routine, but we’re here to make it simple and enjoyable!

Here are our 7 tips on how to get back into swimming!


How to Get Back into Swimming Tip #1: Buy a New Swimsuit

Look good and feel good! Getting a new swimsuit for your first time back in the water can be just the motivation you need to get back in the pool. Buy a swimsuit that is secure and comfortable for your routine so that it isn’t distracting while you swim. A new swimsuit that you are excited to wear for the first time can help getting back into the water for the first time much more enjoyable.

Like this swimsuit from Old Navy
Or this white one from the Gap


How to Get Back into Swimming Tip #2: Get A Training Partner or Instructor

Having someone else to swim with will help back getting back into swimming that much more enjoyable. You can share tips, motivate each other, and help get your technique back. Consider getting an instructor or swim coach for an extra push.

How to Get Back into Swimming Tip #3: Start Slow & Have Patience

Remember to take it slow and don’t push yourself too hard right at the beginning so that you don’t crash. Start with the basics, like the freestyle stroke or intervals of treading water, before diving in to some more advanced strokes. Refrain from swimming too many laps all at once so you don’t wear yourself out too fast. Be patient with yourself and remember how big a feat it is just to start something big again, so if you don’t swim as much as you used to just know that just getting in the pool is good enough.

How to Get Back into Swimming Tip #4: Set Obtainable Goals

Setting goals that push you to swim without being too hard is the key to getting back into swimming. Start by deciding what days of the week you plan to go swimming and what skills you want to practice during each session. Keep in mind what makes sense for you based on your unique abilities. Make a timeline to help you stay on track.


How to Get Back into Swimming Tip #5: Be Consistent

Stick to your timeline or schedule that you’ve made to guide you on when, how long, and what to practice when you go to the pool. It is important to make a schedule that is realistic so you can be consistent with your schedule. Being consistent will help make your swimming routine a habit.

How to Get Back into Swimming Tip #6: Quality Not Quantity

Focus on the quality of your technique rather than how much you are able to do. For example, focus on perfecting your strokes rather than how many laps you can do. It will help you in the long run, because you will have perfected your abilities again before rushing into it and developing bad habits with how you swim. Again, having a swim coach can really help to master the art of swimming if you really want to get back into swimming.

How to Get Back into Swimming Tip #7: Celebrate Progress

Congrats! You got back into swimming! Celebrate after your first day back, a week in, and one month after getting back into the pool to reward yourself for a job well done. No matter where you are in your progress of getting back into swimming, it’s important to celebrate all victories – large or small.

Good luck getting back into swimming! Have some other tips? Share them in the comments below!