Sometimes we stay out of the water longer than we would like to.  Getting back into swimming can be a challenge, but we want to help you. Following our tips will make getting back into the pool easy and fun!

Here are our 7 tips on how to get back into swimming!


How to Get Back into Swimming Tip #1: Buy a New Swimsuit

Look good and feel even better by picking up a brand new swimsuit! Feel like you are going back in time to your first time in the water. A swimsuit will get you excited about getting back into the water for the first time. 

People swim competitively and for leisure. Be sure that you choose the right swimsuit material to feel comfortable and secure in the water. When buying a swimsuit, think about things like durability and stretch.


How to Get Back into Swimming Tip #2: Get A Training Partner or Instructor

Having someone to swim with makes it more enjoyable. The two of you can share tips, motivate each other and improve techniques. Consider getting an instructor or swim coach to give you the push you need.

Practice makes perfect! So learning from an expert can be a great help. It not only gets you back into swimming; it helps you get better at it!


How to Get Back into Swimming Tip #3: Start Slow & Have Patience

Rushing puts on extra pressure on you that you do not need. Going back to the basics is sometimes all you need. Start with:

  • Freestyle strokes
  • Treading water

Then move on to diving and advanced strokes. Swimming too many laps can wear you out quickly. Being patient will let you set and accomplish your swimming goals in no time. Always remember that getting into the pool is good enough when you return to swimming.


How to Get Back into Swimming Tip #4: Set Obtainable Goals

Know your limits and what you are capable of. This will let you set goals that you know you can achieve. Becoming a better swimmer is all about swimming in your own lane.

Set a schedule and choose the days you will swim. Pick certain skills to work on each day. Keep in mind what makes sense for you based on your capabilities. A timeline is ideal for staying on track.


How to Get Back into Swimming Tip #5: Be Consistent

Now that you have a schedule set. Stick to it! It will act as a guide for how long and what to practice when you go to the pool.

Keep your other commitments in mind when planning practice times. This will prevent any conflicts. Consistency is a key part of making a commitment and following through with it.


How to Get Back into Swimming Tip #6: Quality Not Quantity

Focus on how well you perform skills. If you do plenty of laps and your technique is sloppy, then the practice becomes pointless. Preventing bad habits will make you a better swimmer.

Perfecting your abilities will help build up endurance and stamina. Focus on your technique and you are sure to succeed. This is another reason why we suggest having a swim coach.


How to Get Back into Swimming Tip #7: Celebrate Progress

Congratulations! You got back into swimming! Celebrate after your first day back, a week in and one month later. 

Progress is progress. Know that little victories matter as much as the big ones do. So use that positive reinforcement to become a better swimmer!


Good luck getting back into swimming! What other tips do you have? Let us know in the comments!