Playing in the water can be tons of fun, but outside of bathtime, not all kids enjoy the
water. Swimming is a life lesson, however, there are many occasions where swimming is
socially enjoyed — at birthdays, backyard pool parties, and beach vacations. Kids don’t
want to be left out! While swimming lessons for kids may seem like the obvious choice to
get them interested in water activities, a little parental intervention doesn’t hurt. Here are a
few tips you can use yourself to get them jumping in the water in no time.

Get In There With Them

Kids being afraid of water is not uncommon, so for parents, it’s important to tackle that
fear early on. A great way to do that is to join in on the fun. Look at swimming lessons for
kids that allow parents to play a role as well. Not only is this a great way to bond with your
children, by being in the water with them, you’re sure to put them at ease.

Group Classes

Seeing other kids having fun and playing around is a sure-fire way to get them forgetting
their fears. Group swimming lessons for kids are an excellent way for them to learn the
basics while keeping it social and light-hearted. Group classes can introduce an element of
fun competition and allow your children to see that getting in the water is enjoyable. There
are even swim clubs and leagues to look into if their interest grows. Before long, they’ll be
jumping up and down in anticipation of their next lesson.


Family time in the pool shouldn’t be, “The first one to finish 20 laps wins”. Instead,
introduce entertaining games that the whole family can partake in, especially if your child is
afraid of the water. Teach them how to blow bubbles underwater so they see the water as
non-threatening. Get the kids hunting for treasure at the bottom of the pool by tossing
coins or other items into the pool. If you’re lacking game inspiration, get the kids
enthusiastic about diving into the pool with these great suggestions.


Before the kids even dip their feet in, make sure to explain basic water safety. Encourage
and empower your kids by breaking down how to be safe and that includes the right
swimming attire. Plus, get them the swimming tools they need to help them feel confident
in the pool. And by tools, we mean floating devices or toys. Even adults love a good floating
device! Giving them all the tools they need doesn’t mean you need to bore them to death.
Kids will be kids, they always enjoy toys and it’s an easy way to engage them and get them
interested in swimming.

When you book your next vacation by the sea, you’ll want your kids ready to take on the
water. Finding swimming lessons for kids in any area is a breeze but be sure to do your part
to encourage them in their water adventures. When you have fun in the pool, so will they!