At AquaMobile, we get a lot of questions from parents. Most wonder when their children should start learning to swim and how long lessons should be. Learning how to swim is a challenging and rewarding part of a child’s life. Swimming and exercise can build confidence and teach children how to accomplish goals at a young age. Here are the answers to your most asked questions!

How Early Can My Child Start To Swim?

Infants can start learning to swim as early as 3 months, but it is recommended to wait until 6 months. Infants 6-18 months old can develop comfort in the water with the help of a parent. By 18 months, infants can start working independently in the water with a swim instructor. Swimming at a young age helps with cognitive function and brain development.

How Long Should A Swim Lesson Be?

Swim lesson length depends on how old the child is and their learning style. We break down the optimal swim lesson length for each age group!

Swim Lesson Length for Infants (6-18 Months)

Infant swim lessons should be around 30 minutes. Using fun activities makes learning to kick, splash and float as easy as 1-2-3. Songs and games get little swimmers to learn basic skills! Here are some of the ways our infant swim lessons stand out!

  • Skills are broken down into 6 swim levels
  • Parent and tot lessons on offer
  • One-on-one learning

Our infant swim lessons divide skills into a variety of levels. As your wee ones get better at swimming, they can move up a level. While parent and tot lessons let you get in on the fun, your child can also learn one-on-one with a certified and insured swim teacher.

Swim Lesson Length for Children 3-5 years old

Lessons for young children should be around 30-45 minutes long. This age group is full of energy and needs to stay engaged. Games and activities will help them learn swimming skills and stay focused during lesson time. Below are some of the benefits of swim lessons with us!

  • Emphasis on water safety
  • Learn at your own pace
  • LifeSaving Society’s swimming lessons

We want your children to be safe and successful swimmers. This is why we discuss water safety during the first private lesson and talk about it while learning each skill. We also offer accredited swim lessons with your local Lifesaving Society.

Swim Lesson Length for Children 6-9 Years Old

Children between the ages of 6-9 should have swimming lessons that are 45 minutes to 1 hour long. These children have longer attention spans and can learn more complex techniques and water safety skills. Be sure to incorporate activities and games to keep children interested and excited! Here is what we have on offer.

  • Red Cross swim lessons
  • Water Smart education
  • Stroke improvement and endurance

Our swim instructors are certified as teachers and lifeguards through the Red Cross. Our Water Smart education teaches your children how to react in an event of a water emergency. An important part of this is treading water and being able to stay above the water. 

We hope this information helps you choose the swimming lesson length that is right for your child. Lessons should be entertaining and action-packed to give your child the best possible learning experience. At AquaMobile, we provide private swim lessons for all ages and skill levels in the comfort of your home pool!

Have additional questions about swim lesson length? Ask us below in the comments!