At AquaMobile we get a lot of questions about when their child should start learning how to swim and how long the swim lesson length should be. Learning how to swim is a challenging yet rewarding part of a child’s life. They not only learn the fundamentals of swimming and exercise, but can build confidence and learn to accomplish goals at a young age. We’ll break it down and give you the answers to this topic.

How Early Can My Child Start To Swim?

Infants can start learning how to swim as early as 3 months however, it’s recommended to wait until 6 months. Infants from 6-18 months old can develop their comfort of being in and out of the water with the assistance of a parent. By 18 months, infants may begin to work independently in the water with a swim instructor. Learning to swim at a young age is very beneficial to your child as it helps with cognitive function and brain development.

How Long Should A Swim Lesson Be?

The best swim lesson length depends on how old the child is and their learning style. We’ll get into what the optimal swim lesson length should be depending on the age of the child:

Swim Lesson Length for Infants (6-18 Months)

The swim lesson for infants that are 6-18 months old should be about 30 minutes. The lessons should consist of fun activities to teach them techniques like kicking, splashing, and floating. Songs and games are a great way to get little swimmers to learn these basic skills!

Swim Lesson Length for Children 3-5 years old

The ideal swim lesson time for young children from the age of 3-5 years old should be 30-45 minutes. Because children around this age are full of energy, they need a swim lesson that keeps them engaged. Structuring a swimming lesson around games and activities will help them learn multiple techniques, and keep them focused throughout the lesson.

Swim Lesson Length for Children 6-9 Years Old

The typical lesson duration for children between the age of 6-9 years old is 45 minutes to 1 hour. Children around this age have longer attention spans and have the ability to learn more complex techniques and water safety skills. It’s still wise to incorporate activities and games to keep the children engaged and focused.

We hope this information is helpful when planning and understanding swim lesson length for your child when booking swim lessons. In order to make the most out of your child’s learning experience, it’s best to make the swim lessons fun and engaging. At AquaMobile we provide private swim lessons for all skill levels and at the comfort of your own pool!

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