Stay ahead of the curb by checking out what’s new and trending in poolside fashion for the summer of 2019! If you’re feeling your poolside or beach attire is a bit outdated, now’s the time to pick out some new items! One of the most appreciated trends on this list is the swimsuit with sleeves! So let’s take a look at the top spring/ summer 2019 swimwear trends ahead of time!

Let’s Dive into the Top 5 Poolside Fashion Trends for Summer 2019!


1) The One Piece

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When swimming in public swimming pool, one piece swimsuit can cover your body more and protect the skin from chlorinated water. No need to be worried about the straps falling while swimming. Make your belly looks flat! The one piece is truly timeless.


2) Velvety Suits

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Soaking up the sun in a soft velvet bikini sounds like comfort in a bottle. With velvet taking the stage this season, we’re hardly surprised you can now purchase velvety swimwear. While this sassy bikini isn’t exactly ideal for water sports, it certainly is the perfect piece for making the beach or the poolside your personal runway show.


3) Long Sleeve Swimsuits – Not a Rash Guard

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While we love the sporty functionality and major sun protection factor of this piece, it’s wonderful to see the fashion crowd embrace the rash guard, making it fun and fashionable. Not many people would associate long sleeves with swimsuit – it isn’t so strange though! Surfers have been wearing rash guards since the 70s, to protect their skin from chafing.