With the Emmy Awards that took place on September 17, 2017, celebrities seem to be the only thing people can talk about lately. Have you ever wondered what celebrities do on their spare time? Better yet, have you ever wondered which celebrity also happens to be a swimmer? Well Aquamobile’s got you covered with our list of six celebrities you probably didn’t know were active swimmers.


Celebrity Swimmer #1: Nicole Kidman

Aside from giving an outstanding acceptance speech at this year’s Emmy Awards, the winner of the Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or a Movie in Big Little Lies also happens to practice swimming whenever she can. This sporty, award winning actor loves to swim both leisurely and to exercise and says it is her favorite form of exercise. She makes it a point to go for a swim everyday, sometimes with her sister too! 


Celebrity Swimmer #2: Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman had intensive ballet training for her critically acclaimed role in Black Swan. However, the training was very difficult on her body so that’s when she began swimming to ease her muscle pain. The movie star stated that swimming made a positive impact on her endurance and muscle pain.


Celebrity Swimmer #3: Jennifer Aniston

This 48 year old Friends star stays so fit at her age because of her wide range of fitness activities she practices everyday. Jennifer Aniston swims between 20-40 minutes, around 2-3 times a week and says that it is one of her favorite exercise activities.


Celebrity Swimmer #4: Sean Connery

We all know Sir Thomas Sean Connery is Scottish, and an icon in the James Bond franchise, but did you know that he was also a lifeguard before he became known across the globe as an international spy? Sir Connery kept fit for his lifeguard role by lifting weights and swimming. With a workout regimen like that it’s clear why the casting managers thought he was perfect for his first role as secret agent Bond, James Bond.


Celebrity Swimmer #5: Brad Pitt

 This 53 year old is renowned for several things however, one thing that not many people know about him is that he practised swimming competitively on his high school swim team. Who knew that Brad Pitt sported some jammers back in the day!

 Celebrity Swimmer #6: David Duchovny

In the swimming world X-Files star David Duchowny is known for always wearing speedos. In addition to that though, you can find him swimming at the Vancouver public park almost everyday. Believe it or not, he follows the same swim workout ethic as any Olympian!

Know of any other celebrities that also happen to be swimmers? Comment below!