Now that summer time is upon us we have more time to spend at the pool, beach, or lake. While swimming is a great way to exercise and have fun, it’s important to always remember that water safety should be a priority for everyone. When a lifeguard isn’t present it’s up to adults, whether parents or guardians, to supervise young swimmers to ensure their safety.

Thousands of drowning and water related accidents happen every year, and you can help prevent them. It’s important to ensure the safety of everyone before and during a swim.

Check out our infographic that will give you tips on how to supervise little swimmers while they’re in the water:

Supervise Swimming Checklist

This list will go through what you can do when supervising your little one while they play in the water. From having the right amount of adults per child to how far you should be at all times while supervising, this infographic will help you keep everyone safe in the water.

AquaMobile Swim gives you tips on how to properly supervise children while they swim

We hope that these tips give you the tools to ensure the safety of young swimmers!

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