Meet one of AquaMobile’s top swim instructors, Cheyenne Washburn. Located in Florida, Cheyenne has been teaching swimming for more than four years. Fun fact: she is not only passionate about swimming – she can also play six different instruments and speak German! I was able to chat with Cheyenne to learn a bit more about her and get some of her best tips for new swimmers.

Name: Cheyenne Washburn

Location: Naples, FL

Certifications: CPR, First Aid, WSI

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Q&A with Cheyenne Washburn

How would you describe yourself?

CW: Vivacious, fun, easy going. My uncle calls me a “fish in the water.”

Why do you like working at AquaMobile as a swim instructor?

CW: AquaMobile gives me the chance to meet new clientele from all around, and you get to work with all types of people.

What are some tips you have for parents of young children who are just starting to learn to swim?

CW: Take off the floaties as long as you’re in the water with your kids. Otherwise, they’ll become dependent on it!

Cheyenne also shared a safety tip with us – parents should get in the water before their kids, so that the kids learn to never be in the pool alone.

What’s your favourite post-swim snack?

CW: A burrito – you need the calories!

What’s one thing you wish you knew when you first started swimming?

CW: How important it is to learn how to swim properly. At first, I just taught myself to doggy paddle. This ended up causing a lot of shoulder and knee damage! Now, as a swim instructor, I like to teach families the proper form and strokes in order to prevent injuries.

You can book with Cheyenne if you’re in the Naples, FL area or you can book another one of our amazing swim instructors here.

Interested in joining the AquaMobile Team as a swim instructor or lifeguard? We’re always hiring – apply here!

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