Swimming certainly builds up an appetite, which means a post-swim meal should be in order! Stopping for fast food after a swim meet can be tempting. However, a nutritious meal after any workout can help us recharge.

As an intensive exercise that incorporates endurance and sprint training, swimming can quickly deplete our body’s energy. Compared to runners and cyclists, swimmers become much hungrier after a workout. This is due to water preventing a rise in body temperature, which in turn causes appetite suppression. Swimmers need protein and carbohydrates to repair muscles. A nutritious meal should be eaten within an hour of getting out of the pool. Here are some post-workout meals from AquaMobile to fuel you up after a long swim!

1. Chicken Wrap

Alongside acai berries and tuna, chicken is what you can call a “superfood.” As one of the best sources of lean protein (31g/100 mg), it contains little fat. Did you know that chicken is also a natural antidepressant? This is because chicken contains tryptophan, which boosts the brain serotonin (“joy” hormone). Adding some red peppers, lettuce and cucumbers with a tablespoon of light sour cream will give it an extra vitamin kick!

Lean protein is helpful in both building muscle and losing weight. Muscles are rebuilt and repaired when you eat proteins after a workout. The vegetables are good for the inside of your body as well. Eating them can lower blood pressure and reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke.

2. Fish and Quinoa

Quinoa is one of the most protein-rich foods in the world (8g/cup)! It makes this grain an athlete’s best friend. A benefit for swimmers is nutrients from quinoa can help prevent lung illnesses. It has 58% of the recommended daily value of manganese and defends against UV from the sun’s rays.

Fish is just as good for you! It contains omega-3 fatty acids that give the brain a boost. This can lower the risk of cancer, heart disease and speed up the repair of inflammation!

By eating these foods together, you reap the benefits of both. Quinoa has more fibre than most grains with 17-27 grams per cup. Fibre can help reduce blood sugar levels and lower cholesterol. Fish is also a source of vitamin D. It can help those who don’t spend enough time in the sun.

3. Greek Yogurt and Fruit

It’s hard to believe that something that tastes good is healthy. Well, believe it because Greek yogurt is delicious and nutritious! Compared to regular yogurt, it has double the protein, half the carbs and half the sodium. A bonus is it’s packed with B12 potassium. Plain vanilla Greek yogurt is best, but adding berries make it a sweet post-swim treat!

Greek yogurt is also shown to boost metabolism. Eating as part of a balanced diet can help you burn more calories. This is where adding fruit comes in. Fruit’s water content keeps you hydrated. Additionally, it’s good for your skin because the antioxidants can help combat aging.

4. Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich

Satisfy your hungry tummy with a peanut butter and banana sandwich. Peanut butter has plenty of protein and banana is a healthy alternative for sugar-filled jams. Go light on the peanut butter because of its fat content and make your sandwich on whole-grain bread.

There are many kinds of peanut butter to choose from nowadays. The healthier ones contain less salt and sugar. Make sure to read the labels when you pick up your next jar. Bananas have plenty of potassium. It’s good for your heart as well as your blood pressure and has 10% of your daily value.

5. Low-Fat Chocolate Milk

This is a sports drink with loads of electrolytes that looks and tastes good enough to be a dessert! Its protein is also helpful after a long workout. Chocolate milk is a “wonder” drink since its high carb content helps repair muscles and the liver. This is a good drink to grab on the run when there’s still plenty of time before dinner.

Chocolate milk is a good combination of protein and carbohydrates. It also is great for hydration and calcium. Having a drink after a workout is refreshing and calcium helps strengthen the bones. 

6. Turkey Sandwich on Whole Grain Bagel

This is a full post-swim meal! Turkey is sometimes forgotten after Thanksgiving, but it’s quite good for you. It’s a source of lean protein and tastes amazing on a whole grain bagel with hummus. Add the finishing touches of spinach and tomatoes to make this filling meal that’s great for the heart!

Another bonus to eating turkey is that it has a low amount of fat compared to other meats. Putting it on a healthy bagel gives you your grains. While hummus lowers your cholesterol and spinach and tomato round out the rest of the food groups!