Keep spirits and motivation high by incorporating fun swimming drills that differ from the usual routine. Not only is this a good way to keep you from getting bored but it adds an element of challenge. Try out different distances or swim with friends and have a race! Have you tried any of these?

You need to try these fun swimming drills that don’t discriminate against swimming capability. They’re for everyone!

1) Underwater Medicine Ball

The idea is to move a medicine ball underwater, across the pool floor in the shallow end. Another version of this drill exists for more advanced swimmers looking for a fun new breathing exercise drill. Taking this drill to the deep end adds an element of difficulty.

Make sure you know your capabilities; don’t perform this drill in the deep end if you haven’t developed the endurance to make it to the bottom of a pool and back up again. Also, consider the depth of the pool you choose to do this drill in.

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2)Water Jogging with Medicine Ball

This drill calls for the upper body to be above water. So, if you weren’t fond of the first medicine ball drill, opt for this one. Standing in the shallow end (ideally with water waist level) you’ll be required to hold a medicine ball with your arms above the water while you run on the spot. Or you can try running across the shallow end.

The medicine ball will help make jogging in the water easier. You can add a weighted belt to help keep you more balanced and in place. The resistance provided by the water ups the intensity of running as you would on dry land. This is phenomenal in water strength training for your legs. Swap the kicking drill out for this one if you’re tired of the same old flutter kick drill.

3) Backstroke Triple Back

As you swim backstroke across the pool, you’ll be keeping one arm stuck to your side while the other is out behind you. Alternate three strokes with the right arm, then three with the left, and finally, three where you alternate both arms. Focus on keeping your head still, rotating your body to each side, and ensuring you’re rotating your body together. Rotate your hips and shoulders together without twisting.

This drill focuses on the rotation of your body as you swim backstroke. Taking three strokes and pausing on your side after the third, helps your body become accustomed to being on its side while swimming backstroke.

4) Breaststroke heel touch drill

To perform this drill, you keep your hands at your sides near the back of your hips. Using the whip kick as you would for the breaststroke, kick at the surface of the water. With each kick, you’re going to bring your heels up until they touch the tips of your fingers. This helps develop a full kick.

Make sure you are grabbing water with your feet as you push your legs down and together into the extended position to end off the kick.

5) Anchor

You’re going to weigh down your feet so you can’t move (or hook your feet under a lane rope or around a ladder); hence the name anchor. This drill trains your arms and their ability to pull. The idea here is that you want to feel how much force you’re exerting when you pull. This is indicative of your catch, the better your catch, the more pull you’ll feel against your feet!

Are there any fun swimming drills we missed? What are your favorite unique swimming drills that add a fun flair to your routine?