A trip to the beach is a great way to swim your stress away! If you live in or take a trip to San Diego, be sure to pack your towels, umbrellas and picnic baskets! The city has its fair share of beaches! California’s Pacific Coast boasts some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Here are the top 5 San Diego beaches:

Mission Beach

San Diego Beaches

As one of the best known beaches in SoCal, this beach is the spot to visit when you need a break from life’s stresses. The long boardwalk includes everything from shopping and carnival games to the Giant Dipper Roller Coaster. These attractions make the beach a popular spot for all ages!

Additionally, this area offers a vibrant nightlife since there are numerous bars and restaurants nearby. The boardwalk’s amusement park houses the Beach House Grill, miniature golf, bumper cars, rock climbing and an arcade. The well known Giant Dipper Roller Coaster was initially built in 1925 and has since been revitalized!

Imperial Beach

San Diego Beaches

Sometimes overlooked, here is a beach that can’t be missed! Ocean lovers will rejoice at the sight of this beach south of San Diego not far from Mexico. A beach that’s hardly been touched, it’s an example of a classic Southern California beach. The town’s residents like to say that everything that is good in San Diego is better at Imperial Beach!

To experience the town’s main attraction of the beach, head down to the pier. It’s the spot to surf, swim, fish and even go horseback riding. The Silver Stand connects Imperial Beach to Coronado. Stand at the beach at dusk to watch the sunset over the Los Coronados Islands. You won’t regret it!

Coronado Beach

San Diego Beaches

Speaking of Coronado, its beach is worth a visit as well! By taking a short drive over the San Diego Bay, you arrive in what locals call island paradise. The sand at this beach glistens year-round thanks to the minerals that give it a sparkle. Like any beach, it’s also a place to watch the sunset!

The sand sparkles because of a mineral called mica which splits itself into crystals to give the beach its shine. Some of the additional amenities include tidepools during the low tide and gentle waves that are okay for body surfing. Its beauty is one of the many reasons this beach town has the nickname of “The Crown City!”

Ocean Beach

San Diego Beaches

For those a bit outside the box, Ocean Beach might be just the place to visit! The motto “keep O.B. weird” comes from some of the unique characters that call this area home. Drum circles and beach parties happen when the sun goes down!

Did you know that you aren’t required to have a California fishing license to fish at this beach’s pier? The area is also a sanctuary to feral parrots. This is mostly due to the beach’s subtropical climate. The northern section of the waterfront also allows off-leash dogs all day. So bring your pup along for a walk!

La Jolla Shores

San Diego Beaches

Try out water sports on the gentle waves of La Jolla Shores. Families and couples alike can find something to discover. There are many hidden sea caves to explore on the banks of the beach’s rocky cover. Scuba diving and kayaking are also some of the favourite pastimes in the “Jewel of San Diego!”

The waters are common places for all types of adventurers to explore. La Jolla Cove’s sea caves are some of the places to see the beautiful Garibaldi fish, which is native to the area. The Hospitals is a reef that can be found on the south side of the beach. It’s one of the best places to see lobsters and underwater arches making it a spot for scuba divers to check out!