Being part of a training group or class at your local gym is lots of fun! Great music, awesome instructors and a nice sweat are the highlights. Imagine all of those things but in a pool! Vertical Water Training (VWT) or AquaFit is not your typical fitness class. They give everyone the benefits of conventional gym classes while still being low-impact. 

AquaFit is gaining popularity in a variety of countries including South Africa and Australia. It boasts benefits such as being low-impact and being used for rehabilitation. The health and wellness community is starting to appreciate it more.

AquaMobile Swim presents the benefits of AquaFit and importance CALA

CALA (The Canadian AquaFitness Leaders Alliance) is the leader in AquaFitness. They are committed to providing high-quality training, certification and access to current information to everyone. CALA’s founder, Charlene Kopansky, has helped the community grow since 1993 and is not slowing down.

If you are not familiar with CALA or Vertical Water Training, let Charlene Kopansky break it down for you. Here is what you need to know about AquaFit before trying it out yourself!

What is Vertical Water Training / AquaFit?

Vertical Water Training combines aerobics, high-intensity interval training and resistance training! Previously, aquatic fitness was associated with senior citizens and those recovering from injuries. Nowadays, more young people are discovering how fun and challenging it can be. Exercises include:

  • Aqua Yoga
  • Aqua Kickboxing
  • Aqua Aerobics

VWT lets you set and achieve personal fitness goals. Each one is fun, challenging and suitable for all ages and skill levels! This is one of the sport’s biggest strengths.

Vertical Water Training & AquaFit Benefits

What are the benefits of Vertical Water Training? Let us answer that for you! We have compiled a list of them below:

  • Effective and low-impact training
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Lets the body relax

Because you support less weight in the water, this workout is easier on your joints and muscles. So everyone can participate regardless of their age or ability. Workouts can be adapted to each student’s needs. Vertical Water Training also massages your body, alleviates pressure on your joints and increases blood flow. It also means you are less likely to get injured during a workout. 

Vertical Water Training AquaFit Equipment

AquaMobile Swim presents the benefits of AquaFit with the help of Charlene Kopansky and CALA

There is additional equipment used in the pool during AquaFit classes. This is where they differ from swimming lessons. Here are some examples:

  • Hydroriders
  • Floatation belts
  • Noodles
  • Aquatic dumbbells 
  • Paddle gloves

Hydroriders are used during spin classes that take place in the pool. While flotation belts keep you balanced during exercises. The remaining equipment is used to increase resistance and help with mobility in the water.

Vertical Water Training AquaFit Instructor Certifications

AquaMobile Swim collaborates with Charlene Kopansky to present the benefits of Vertical Water Training

CALA requires Vertical Water Training instructors to complete a certification to instruct a lesson. This ensures that all teachers are knowledgeable and right for the needs of their students.

First instructors complete a prerequisite course and then an AquaFit Specialty Certification Course. This allows them to teach: Group Aqua Fitness (GAF), Aqua Yoga and Hydrorider.

Instructors can also specialize in the Healing Waters Program. This allows them to administer aquatic therapy to patients with injuries, joint or muscle ailments. 

Learn more about Charlene Kopansky and her work with CALA by clicking here!

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