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Autism and Water: Why Autistic People Are Drawn to Water

It is a common understanding that children with autism are naturally drawn to water. Something about that shimmery, cool, flowing liquid seems to capture their interest. Even for ourselves, what’s better than sitting on the beach or by the pool on a warm summer’s day? It’s easy to imagine how anyone would find water attractive. […]

7 Drowning Statistics You Didn’t Know About

Swimming allows your child to have fun while exercising, however, water safety must not be taken lightly given drowning statistics. Swimming requires the proper attention and training in order to decrease the chances of drowning. There are many things that a parent can do to ensure the safety of their child. These things include giving your child swimming […]

5 Must Know Surfing Safety Tips

Learning how to surf can be a fun and exciting experience! Riding your first wave is a huge accomplishment, especially after hours and hours of practice. But before you paddle out you have to ensure the safety of yourself and others while you’re in the ocean. Thousands of surf related injuries happen each year, most caused by […]

What You Need To Know About Dry Drowning

When children are playing in the water, safety is the number one priority for parents. They keep a close eye on them, ensure that there’s a professional lifeguard on scene, and make sure their children have a partner with them at all times when they’re in the water. All of these precautions are made to prevent […]

Sail Safe This Summer!: Boat Safety Tips (Infographic)

There’s nothing better than taking the boat out and sailing the water on a beautiful summer day. Whether you’re fishing on the lake or sailing on the sea, it’s important to keep yourself and your passengers safe. Every year there are thousands of boating related accidents in North America. The US Coast Guard counted 4,158 boating […]

Life Jacket Safety: Do Life Jackets Expire?

Before you head to the lake or hop into the boat remember to always have life jackets on hand. Did you know that life jackets have an expiration date? If you have life jackets around your home that haven’t been used in a while, it’s best to check if it’s still safe! It’s important to know […]

A New Journey: Preparing Your Child With Autism For Their First Swim Lesson

Preparing your child for a new experience in their life can be a difficult process, even more so if your child has a special need. Children with Autism are prone to being very curious of their surroundings and wandering off, which can make bodies of water, whether a lake or pool, a hazard. Teaching your […]

Pool Safety Tips: 10 Things Every Parent Needs to Know

Whether it’s your backyard pool, a family member’s, or the waterfront by your home, there are certain safety concerns that should always be taken into consideration. Let us take you through some of the most important pool safety tips when it comes to your family and the water. Pool Safety Tip 1: Never Leave Your Children […]

6 Savvy Swimming Tips

One of the best ways to keep active this holiday season is to swim! Amidst the Halloween loot, Thanksgiving dinners, and Christmas get-togethers, our health and fitness levels may begin to dip, but luckily swimming is a family activity that all can enjoy, whether for fitness or recreation. Here are a few must-know Swimming Tips from […]

Winter is Coming: Winterize Your Pool

How to Winterize your pool

  As the days get shorter and we find ourselves pulling out the scarves and mittens for cooler mornings, it may be easy to forget about our backyard pools. Those of us that experience colder temperatures during the winter should always take care to maintain our pools effectively and safely in order to ensure the […]

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