Want to get into swimming, but unsure how or what to do? Here are some ways to get into swimming!


Swim Laps


Go to the local pool and practice your freestyle or breaststroke up and down the lane.

Water Aerobics


Try some exercises in the pool on your own or join a class.


Hire a Swim Coach

Get help from a swimming coach to keep you focuses and perfect your technique.


AquaFit Classes

AquaMobile Swim presents the benefits of AquaFit with the help of Charlene Kopansky and CALA

Find a class for vertical water training, also known as AquaFit.


Join a Synchro Team


If you think you’d like synchronized swimming, find an amateur group near you.


Join a Swim Team


If you want to try competing, try out for a competitive swim team.


Have some more ideas of ways to get into swimming? Leave them in the comments below!